Kinesis Consulting
"We saved three months of development time and at least $60,000 in costs by using Iron Speed Designer."

- Tim Titchmarsh, Chief Architect and Software Designer of Dot Net Architect


Kinesis Consulting

The EQTCare application was developed for a Nigerian company called Kinesis Consulting. Kinesis Consulting is a knowledge-based smart company that applies robust quantitative modeling techniques to assist customers in managing and promoting their investments. EQT Care is used by traders and stock brokers in Nigeria.

The application manages stock pricing, portfolio management and client reporting for the Nigerian stock market. Brokers can sign up with the client list and make use of the daily pricing and stock information to manage their clients' portfolios. Clients can also login and see their portfolios and produce reports.

Brokers' view of the Index Data Table.

There are three types of users:

Administration personnel who manage the day-to-day global aspects of the application, loading prices, maintaining the site, etc.
Stock brokers who manage client equity portfolios. The stock brokers can login and create clients. They can also put each client through trades and manage the portfolios.
Clients who can login and see their portfolios in action.

Application size and scope

EQTCare is a brand new application. It accesses one Microsoft SQL Server 2005 database and has 40 tables with 15 views. The largest database table is IndexData, which stores index price data. This table grows rapidly with each price load, and will eventually run into hundreds of thousands of records. No transactions are made directly from the application.

We currently have 200 web pages in EQTCare. We estimate that we have 20 users per month.

The project

The project took one developer 3.5 months to implement. The Iron Speed Designer portion of the project took two months to complete.

Code extensions and customizations

We wrote an estimated 1,500 lines of code customization in two months. The customization handles the import of CSV data, reporting services, and financial charting.

Microsoft Reporting Services Integrated into Iron Speed Designer.

We also used the third-party components of Software FX financial charting and Reporting Services.

Integration of Software FX Financial Analysis package.

Page layout customizations

We used the standard Eiger design theme in Iron Speed Designer.

Iron Speed Designer impact

The EQTCare application would have been feasible without using Iron Speed Designer; however, we believe we saved three months of development time and at least $60,000 in costs by using Iron Speed Designer. The project would have taken at least 6.5 months to complete, instead of 3.5.

Next steps

There are no plans to extend the application, add more users, or deploy to additional sites.

About the developer

Tim Titchmarsh has more than 25 years experience in software development and management in the computer industry. He earned a Higher National Diploma in Computer Science Studies in 1986, and set up his own software consulting and development company in 1997. Tim and his colleagues at Dot Net Architect specialize in Microsoft technologies. He has won contracts with many blue chip clients both in London and Zurich including USB Global Asset Management, Accenture, Commerzbank and Amlin Insurance and has gained a reputation for "getting things done".

Tim is a member of the Microsoft MSDN Visual Studio Team Developer and The Microsoft Partner Program.

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