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FreeTime Web
"Iron Speed Designer helps us save one to two days of development time every time a customer requests a change. This means that we can reduce our price and serve our clients faster."

- Staffan Wiljergårdh of Office System I Falköping AB

FreeTime Web

Office System I Falköping AB
Falköping, Sweden

The FreeTime Web application was developed by Office System I Falköping AB as way to help companies and communities inform people about job opportunities. Our company creates Websites and Web pages for customers who use the sites to advertise what work is available in their communities. Both the companies and users of the Websites can see how much they have worked, and plan their calendars accordingly.

This table makes it easy for elderly users to schedule appointments.

We developed the FreeTime Web application for use outside our own company. Approximately ten communities use the application. Everyone, both companies and job seekers in any given community, have access to the various Websites 24/7. Each community has between 500 and 1,000 people accessing the Websites around the clock. The security provided by Iron Speed Designer is a smooth development and is essential to the privacy of the people and companies using the application.

The drop down calendar control in FreeTime Web.

The application starts when a community asks us to develop a Web page and distribute it to the community's Website. It is very easy to build .NET Web applications with Iron Speed Designer, especially compared to the old manual process of creating ASP pages by hand. If a customer has requirements or new ideas for the Web page, it takes us very little time to create the application to ordinary ASP files. We can distribute new Web pages with filters, and then the developer just needs to copy files. The implementation is simple, using a template style to which we can easily add new pages.

Application size and scope

All the information is stored in Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or 2005. The main database consists of more than 100 pages, 60 tables and almost 100 views, and is still growing. Our largest customer has over 250,000 records in its tables. Iron Speed Designer allows the customers to reach their data quickly and efficiently.

The project

This project only took me two days to implement using Iron Speed Designer.

Code extensions and customizations

This application did not require a single code customization. Iron Speed Designer did everything for me.

Page layout customizations

I used the standard Sierra design theme in Iron Speed Designer.

Iron Speed Designer impact

We estimate that by using Iron Speed Designer, we save one or two days of development time every time one of our customers requests a change. This means that we can reduce our price and serve our clientele faster. We have repeat customers who like the way we are able to provide the services they require to get their data in a cost-effective and rapid manner.

Next steps

We will continue to do more code customizations to extend the application, particularly in the area of email.

We do use the Iron Speed Technical Forum and the MVPs to find help when we need it. Iron Speed Designer is easy to use — even for the small population that speaks Swedish!

About the developer

Staffan Wiljergårdh has a degree Pedagogics and English from a university in Sweden. He has been working with Microsoft Access "since the Stone Age" and has trained both younger and older people in that application.

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