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FLP Web Shop
"I saved six months of development time and the salary for one full-time programmer for at least as long."

- Roko Mimica of FILIP informatika d.o.o.

FLP Web Shop

FILIP informatika d.o.o

The FLP Web Shop was developed for FILIP informatika d.o.o. The application facilitates business to business sales by providing current pricing and product definitions. FLP Web Shop presents products from our store to potential customers. It also presents products from our suppliers we can order but are not in our warehouse. Customers can perform a variety of tasks using FLP Web Shop including:
  • Perform a product search.
  • Print product details.
  • Compare similar products.
  • Download product lists in Excel XLS format.
  • Export and send PDF reports.
Customers can search among products, navigate through groups and sub-groups, download price lists, print and email product receipts.

Back office pages are protected with username and password security. Administrators can manage application products and groups, write news, add and remove products, and update price lists.

Application size and scope

The FLP Web Shop utilizes one Microsoft SQL Server database, 16 database tables, two views, and 28 Web pages. The "Products List" table is the largest with more than 3,000 records.

The application receives approximately 3,000 unique visits per month.

The project

I built FLP Web Shop in three months using Iron Speed Designer.

Code extensions and customizations

Iron Speed Designer built the basic application giving me time to focus on code customization. I integrated several third-party controls including: Infragistics WebTree, Infragistics WebMenu, and SQL Reporting Services. Major customizations include:
  • Procedure that fills an Infragistics Web Tree to increase run-time speed for large data sets.
  • Code to resize product pictures.

Page layout customizations

I customized every page and practically every panel in the FLP Web Shop application. Typical layout customizations include: new columns, buttons, and colors (modifications to CSS). There are also various parts of the application that display the standard Alps page style in Iron Speed Designer.

I did not create an application-specific theme, but I have CSS definitions that repeat through application.

Iron Speed Designer impact

I estimate we saved approximately six months of development time and the salary for one full-time programmer for at least as long. It would have been impossible to complete this project without Iron Speed Designer.... I just wouldn't have had enough time.

View the completed application...

Next steps

We are currently negotiating the sale of similar versions of FLP Web Shop to other businesses in our industry. Our customers are mostly small and medium sized companies in Croatia and neighboring countries. The application is especially popular with people already using 4D Wand by 4th Dimension d.o.o.

About the developer

Roko Mimica graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Split, Croatia and holds a degree in Business Economics and Finance.

He has been with FILIP informatika d.o.o for the last six years managing ERP implementation, data conversion, and writing additional modules for their corporate system. He has experience with Turbo Pascal, Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and 2008, and is experienced with several programming languages including: C#, VisualBasic.Net, VBA, and C+.

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