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Inventory Manager
Jason completed a nine month project in less than two months!

Inventory Manager

West Highland Technology
Fishers, IN USA

Jason Crismore designs and develops Web-based applications at West Highland Technology, an IT consulting company. West Highland Technology specializes in .NET and SQL Server applications, and is always challenged to meet the demanding applications of both its large and small clients. As West Highland Technology started growing, Jason realized that if he wanted to keep up, he'd have to hire additional programmers or investigate tools to accelerate his own code development.

"I downloaded and evaluated four different tools. The Iron Speed Designer was head and shoulders above the rest. I tested the tools by iterating with multiple HTML layouts, by modifying code, and by evaluating the ability to integrate with other applications. I also thoroughly reviewed the Application Guide. No other tool I tested offered so much straight out-of-the box," Jason says.

When Jason initially reviewed his large client's requirement for an Inventory Management application, he was skeptical about Iron Speed Designer. Two requirements seemed particularly difficult: integration with a Windows application, and integration of Crystal Reports. After trying the Iron Speed Designer and reviewing its complete Application Development Guide, Jason mapped the infrastructure coding tasks on the project plan. He estimated that he could accomplish 82 percent of the functional requirements immediately with Iron Speed Designer, which would leave him only 18 percent of the requirements to hand-code. Jason completed the application well within the deadline, and then he also created his own presentation theme to replicate the look and feel of a typical Windows application.

The Jason Crismore story

Jason, a native of Indianapolis, is the founder of West Highland Technology. Jason's career took him to the states of Washington and California before he returned to Indianapolis to start his own IT consulting company. Jason's achievements over the last 15 years of programming include a comprehensive Imaging System to handle large volumes of mail for a leading government lending institution and a new generation Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for a large vendor.

West Highland Technology's growth made Jason think about tools to accelerate his Web application development. His main concerns about any tool included the structure of the application code, as well as how easily he could integrate with other applications and extend the code to meet the diverse needs of his clients.

Web apps in every-day roles

West Highland Technology serves large and small clients in diverse industries. Every project West Technology develops is different, but all follow the same development life cycle and have similar infrastructure needs.

What's next?

"Everything I learn about Iron Speed Designer, I immediately leverage into standard practice when building the next new application. I have now standardized my software development around Iron Speed Designer."

About the developer

Jason Crismore is the founder of West Highland Technology. He has been programming for the last 15 years and began using Iron Speed Designer in 2003. Jason's many achievements over the years include the development of a comprehensive Imaging System to handle large volumes of mail for a leading government lending institution and a new generation Enterprise Resource Planning - (ERP) system for a corporate vendor.

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