Liberty Shoes Ltd.
LSR System
"We saved four months and 50% of our projected development cost."

- Chitvan Palia of Escocer Software Private Ltd.

LSR System

Liberty Shoes Ltd.
Haryana, India

The Liberty Shoes Replenishment (LSR) System was developed for Liberty Shoes Ltd. Liberty Shoes produces more than 50,000 pairs of footwear. Products are marketed across the globe via 150 distributors, 350 exclusive showrooms and more than 6,000 multi-brand outlets. The LSR System is used by the client, Liberty Shoes, for internal processing as well as for outside clients such as distributors and showrooms.

The LSR System maximizes client productivity by providing tools to assist in automating demand and supply systems as well as the product review and delivery process. The system manages a two-way process between Liberty Shoes and their distributors by maintaining inventory and creating new requirements in correspondence to sales.

First, the application displays product stock norms for every month, or season for the distributor. Next, the distributor enters their daily sales. The LSR System automatically maintains inventory thanks to a set of predefined norms. The system will also check previous requirements and verify the number of orders executed. Finally, daily sales requirements for every product are compiled for review.

Application size and scope

The LSR System utilizes one Microsoft SQL Server 2005, 33 database tables, and 50 web pages. The products master table is currently the largest with 30,000 records. The Requirement Generation table will no doubt be the biggest table in the LSR System over time.

There are an estimated 500 users at this time with more than 100,000 transactions processed monthly.

The project

The project was completed and implemented in two weeks by two developers using Iron Speed Designer.

Code extensions and customizations

We wrote approximately 2,000 lines of code which took approximately one month. We did not incorporate third-party components into the application.

Page layout customizations

We designed custom pages in the LSR System for administrative and client usage, starting with the standard Andes page style in Iron Speed Designer.

Iron Speed Designer impact

This project was completed in just one month using Iron Speed Designer. We saved four person-months of development time and 50% of our projected development cost. While this project could have been accomplished without Iron Speed Designer, the cost would have doubled and the timeframe increased by an additional five months.

Next steps

We plan to develop another application for this client using Iron Speed Designer.

About the developer

Chitvan holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science and a Bachelor's in Commerce. Over the years he has become proficient in many Microsoft languages including C# and VisualBasic.NET. His knowledge of commerce has assisted him in understanding and meeting the needs of his customers.

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