Let our masters show you step-by-step how to get
the most from Iron Speed Designer.

Iron Speed Designer V8.0 Video Demos

  Let our masters show you step-by-step how to get the most from Iron Speed Designer.

Iron Speed Designer Basics

  5 Minute Introductory Video
  Application Feature Overview (Short)
  Application Feature Overview (Long)
  Preparing Your Database
  The Application Wizard
  Iron Speed Designer IDE Overview
  Adding Charts
  Creating Dashboard Pages
  Connecting Table Filters to Data Sources
  SharePoint Application Basics

Page Customization

  Navigating Page Sections In Design Mode
  Page Layout Customization
  The Cell Editor
  Build A Three-Level Master-Detail Page
  Adding Custom ASP.NET Tags
  Using Tab Groups to Organize Fields

Style Sheet Customization

  CSS Style Sheet Customization
  Creating Custom Page Styles


  Using The Property Sheet
  Change Logo And Copyright Notice
  File Upload And Download

Master Pages

  Creating And Changing Master Pages
  Insert A Header Into A Master Page
  Using SharePoint Master Pages
  Master Page Options

Advanced Configuration

  Application Generation Options
  Application Generation Options, part II
  Configuring Multi-Level Menus
  Creating Multi-Table Join Queries
  Synchronizing Database Schemas
  Build Reusable ASCX Controls
  Customize PDF Reports
  Databases Tab
  Using Data Sources Tab

Application Security

  Database Authentication Security
  Database Role-Based Security
  Active Directory Security
  SharePoint Group Security
  Windows Authentication Security
  Filtering Data By Logged-In User
  Component-Level Security

Most Popular
  5 Minute Introductory Video
  Preparing Your Database
  Page Layout Customization
  Windows Authentication Security

Formula Examples

  Introduction to Formulas
  Initializing Field Values
  Initialize A Field with A Calculated Value
  Conditionally Display A Field
  Validating Field Values
  Display Multiple Fields In Dropdowns
  Customize Dropdown List Sort Order
  Make, Model, Year (Dependent Dropdowns)
  Creating An Audit Trail
  Hyperlinking Data Fields
  Saving Data in Session Variables
  Working with Cookies
  Using the GetColumnValue Function
  Using Custom Code Functions in Formulas
  Using Formulas in the Data Access Layer

Data Filtering Examples

  Filtering Dropdown Lists
  Filter Table Using URL Parameters
  Filtering Tables With URL Parameters
  Filtering Data using Session Variables

Deployment & Debugging

  Creating An MSI Deployment Installer
  IIS 7.5 Settings For Production Applications
  View State Performance Tuning
  Tracing And Event Logging
  Application Migration Made Easy
  SharePoint Deployment

Code Customization Basics

  Code Customization Tutorial
  Using Third Party Controls
  Using Code Tabs To Customize Code
  The Code Customization Wizard
  Accessing The Data Access Layer
  Master the .NET Code Model

Working with Visual Studio

  Using Visual Studio With Iron Speed Designer
  Debugging With Visual Studio
  Advanced Debugging With Visual Studio

Code Customization Examples

  Make, Model, Year (Dependent Dropdowns)
  Workflow Processing
  Implementing An Audit Trail
  Using Custom Stored Procedures
  Customize Dropdown List Sort Order
  Add Dundas Charts To Your Application

Other Videos and Webinars

  Grow Your Software Consulting Business

Certain videos may showcase previous versions of Iron Speed Designer when the content is still relevant to this version. Problems viewing videos?

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