Let our masters show you step-by-step how to get
the most from Iron Speed Designer.

Iron Speed Designer V6.2 Video Demos

  Let our masters show you step-by-step how to get the most from Iron Speed Designer.

Iron Speed Designer Basics

  5 Minute Introductory Video
  Generated Application Overview
  Preparing Your Database
  The Application Wizard
  Iron Speed Designer IDE Overview
  Navigating Page Sections in Design Mode

Page Customization

  Page Layout Customization
  The Cell Editor
  The Properties Dialog
  Conditional Field Display
  CSS style Sheet Customization
  Creating Custom Page Styles
  Using Master Pages
  Insert a Header into a Master Page
  Build a Three-Level Master-Detail Page

Advanced Configuration

  File Upload and Download
  Application Generation Options
  Synchronizing Your Database Schema
  Creating Multi-Table Join Queries
  Using Pass-Through Attributes
  Build Reusable ASCX Controls
  Customize PDF Reports

Application Security

  Database Role-Based Security
  Active Directory Security
  Windows Authentication Security
  Filtering Data by Logged-In User
  Component-Level Security

Most Popular
  5 Minute Introductory Video
  Preparing Your Database
  Page Layout Customization
  Windows Authentication Security


  Creating MSI Deployment Installers
  IIS 7.5 Settings for Generated Applications

Code Customization Basics

  Code Customization Tutorial
  Using Code Tabs to Customize Code
  The Code Customization Wizard
  Accessing the Data Access Layer

Working with Visual Studio

  Using Visual Studio with Iron Speed Designer
  Debugging with Visual Studio

Code Customization Examples

  Make, Model, Year (Dependent Dropdowns)
  Filter Table Using URL Parameters
  Workflow Processing
  Implementing an Audit Trail
  Using Custom Stored Procedures
  Customize Dropdown List Sort Order
  Add Dundas Charts to Your Application

Certain videos may showcase previous versions of Iron Speed Designer when the content is still relevant to this version. Problems viewing videos?

Our Video Training Experts

  Herman Chan
Herman is a Software Development Consultant at Presence Consulting Group. He received his BBA from the University of Texas at Austin. He is a Project Management Professional, as well as being a Microsoft Certified Application Developer .NET and a Java 2 Certified Programmer. Learn more...
  Alan Fisher
Alan is co-founder and Chairman of Iron Speed. Learn more...
  Miles Gibson
Miles Gibson, MCP, ISP, is a Senior Consultant and Principal with Milestone Software. Miles has been leading software development teams for more than 15 years, and has been professionally employed in the Information Systems industry for 25 years. Learn more...
  Akesh Gupta
Akesh Gupta is co-founder Light Speed Solutions and has over 14 years of experience in architecting, designing and developing successful applications. Light Speed Solutions is a one-stop solutions center offering advanced, diversified expertise in all facets of development. Learn more...
  Jaime Jegonia
Jaime Jegonia is an Information Technology Consultant and owner of JimiTron Software. He is a recognized Microsoft Independent Software Vendor and is also a member of the Microsoft Partner Program. Learn more...
  Wayne Hussey
Wayne Hussey has been using Iron Speed Designer since 2006. He currently works as a Web Application Engineer for Providence Health & Services in Portland, OR USA. He has been developing web applications since 1995 and enjoys working in .NET, PHP, MySQL, and SQL Server. Learn more...
  Paul Modiano
Paul Modiano has been working in software development and IT for over 18 years. He has spent 12 years managing software projects and is President of Logical Developers LLC, a web application development company and application service provider. Learn more...
  Razi Mohiuddin
Razi is co-founder and President of Iron Speed.
  Jim Murphy
Jim Murphy is owner and chief application designer for River City Software Development LLC. Jim has been programming professionally for more than 16 years in fields that include Health Care, Insurance, Banking/Lending, Real Estate, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, and Government. Learn more...
  Tim Titchmarsh
Tim Titchmarsh has more than 25 years software development and management experience in the computer industry. He earned a Higher National Diploma in Computer Science Studies in 1986, and established his own software consulting and development company in 1997. Learn more...
  James Whistler
James has worked in IT since 1992 in a variety of roles and across a wide range of industry sectors. These include finance, retail, logistics and insurance. His technical experience includes mainframe applications as well as PC and web-based development. Learn more...

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