Let our masters show you step-by-step how to get
the most from Iron Speed Designer.

Iron Speed Designer V6.0 Video Demos

  Let our masters show you step-by-step how to get the most from Iron Speed Designer.

Iron Speed Designer Basics

  5 Minute Introductory Video
  Generated Application Functionality
  Preparing Your Database
  The Application Wizard
  The Panel Wizard
  The Quick Layout Spreadsheet
  The Properties Dialog

Page Customization

  CSS Style Sheet Customization
  Modify CSS Style Sheets
  Creating Custom Design Themes
  Customizing PDF Reports

Advanced Configuration

  Active Directory Security
  Creating MSI Deployment Installers
  Using Pass-Through Attributes
  Synchronizing Your Database Schema
  Create Multi-Table Join Queries
  Incorporating Nested Tables

Code Customization Basics

  Code Customization Tutorial
  Using Visual Studio with Iron Speed Designer
  Debugging with Microsoft Visual Studio
  Accessing the Data Access Layer

Code Customization Examples

  Make, Model, Year
  Filter Table Using URL Parameters
  Workflow Processing
  Implementing an Audit Trail
  File Upload and Download
  Using Custom Stored Procedures

Integrating Third-Party Controls

  Create Your Own Toolbox Control
  Using Telerik R.A.D. Controls
  Using Telerik Calendar Controls

Some videos take a while to buffer. Please be patient! If you still experience problems, we recommend you download them to your local machine for viewing. Certain videos may showcase previous versions of Iron Speed Designer when the content is still relevant to this version.

Our Video Training Experts

  Wayne Hussey
Wayne Hussey has been using Iron Speed Designer since 2006. He currently works as a Web Application Engineer for Providence Health & Services in Portland, OR USA. He has been developing web applications since 1995 and enjoys working in .NET, PHP, MySQL, and SQL Server.
  Razi Mohiuddin
Razi is co-founder and President of Iron Speed.
  Rex Winn
Rex Winn is the owner and president of Code-frog System Architects, Inc. After studying Computer Science at Boise State University, he worked as a Senior Software Engineer for Micron Technology, Inc. Rex specializes in SAP R/3, COM/DCOM/MTS, C++/ATL/STL, Visual Basic 6.0, and C#.

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