Iron Speed Designer V9.1.1 Release Notes

Issue Description
90355 Added documentation detailing how to left-align pagination control in button bar row.
90600 When a table name contains an underscore, now the correct name is shown in the WHERE Clause dialog of the QueryWizard.
90612 Added CSS positioning attributes for actions/filters popup so that it doesn't appear to the right of the page (which increases page width and causes appearance of horizontal scrollbars).
90615 An object reference error caused during migration of web config file has been fixed.
90629 Now if you create pages using tables with the word, "Cell" on the table names, you will not get compilation during runtime.
90631 Initial keyboard focus is no longer set on the "Search for…" field so that user can see "Search for…"
90680 Excel report now shows empty cells for date field if the values are null.

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