Iron Speed Designer V9.1.0 Release Notes

Issue Description
89696 Fixed incorrect URL parameters for the button placed inside of a panel which is inside of a table panel row.
89791 After users select a value for a dropdown by a quick add button or large list selector, the selected value will not disappear if they click the add new row button or perform other action which trigger postback.
89796 If you upload an image with transparent background, the uploaded image will be shown as transparence on show record or table pages.
89802 A problem caused by older code protection used in v9.0.1 has been resolved by the newer protection in V9.1.0.
89803 Now additional URL parameters can be added to quick add buttons without code generation error.
89913 Code generation for the ForgotUser page was updated to eliminate any generation of unreachable code.
89992 The Security Wizard in v9.0.x would overwrite previous customizations to the full-size Web SignIn/Out and ForgotUser pages if there were no Mobile versions of those files.
90029 Fixed incorrect generated code for the where clauses with FK string fields.
90086 Fixed incorrect panel header text alignment for SharePoint 2010 application with Right-to-left text direction.
90104 If the display text of a dropdown control is specified by formulas, the large list selector items for this control is sorted by the fields in the formula.
90135 When a database table is configured by the user to not allow insert, update, or delete, the GetRecord stored procedure is still properly generated if the table has a primary key.
90200 Copy and paste on Design Mode will retain the control names if possible.
90257 Day method can be used in the formula.
90358 Object reference error is fixed for cascading dropdowns.
90359 After dragging-and-dropping a Mobile ShowTable panel from the Toolbox and turning off all filters but turning on sorting, the filter/sorting panel was not being created properly.
90405 Fixed generated code for save to session formula on C-sharp.
90551 If you have circular formula such as control A refers to control B, control B refers to control C, and control C refers back to control A, Iron Speed Designer can still build the code.
90577 After dragging-and-dropping a Workflow panel from the Toolbox, the filter controls were dropdown lists rather than listboxes.

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