Iron Speed Designer V9.0.0 Release Notes

Issue Description
86064 Iron Speed Designer now generates proper number of ending td tag for FieldValue TextBox.
87703 The Definition class file in Data Access Layer now uses StringBuilder correctly to avoid out-of-memory issue.
88096 IsolationLevel.ReadCommitted is no longer set for Oracle transactions as this was sometimes causing ORA-01453 errors, especially when accessing tables via Oracle Database Links.
88327 Query wizard allows changing table on a From step.
88341 For field value cascading dropdowns, changing the first dropdown value will reset the second dropdown properly.
88355 Search on Large List Selector works when Display As Formula is specified.
88363 The specification made by the user of which database sequence to use for Oracle databases is preserved when sychronizing schema.
88402 Now, record safe classes are not regenerated when application is rebuilt.
88404 Code customization which use Old signatures of function from BaseTable class will still work for non modified pages.
88406 3.5 framework applications now have Datavizualization chart dlls in the bin folder to avoid deployment issue.
88408 DataSources could be sorted by index as well as by aggregate field.
88412 Fixed a problem connecting to Microsoft Access database.
88413 Tooltips on the data source tab is corrected.
88414 Now the Security Wizard displays roles property without showing any errors when using Role Based Security.
88417 Corrected the description for "Maximum display length" property.
88423 Now, if the resource values are used in the text property of a field/literal, they work properly without giving any errors. The generated code is present inside aspx file. This fix is also applicable to a migrated application.
88435 Migration now updates references correctly so that business layer can refer to Ciloci.Flee.dll successfully.
88436 When you use GetColumnValue and GetColumnValues formula methods, you wil not see error, "no surrounding SqlTransaction boundary".
88437 On the Deployment Wizard, the deployment folder now is ensured to be empty.
88453 During migration, CompileApplication.rsp in Presentation Layer, Business Layer, and Data Access Layer will be removed to avoid compilation error for Web Application.
88455 Tables and views are given a default sort if no specific sort is specified in order to ensure paging works.
88457 When searching and filtering in Microsoft Access databases, wildcard and escape characters (\ _ % [) are now properly escaped when wanting to do literal matches that include these characters.
88467 Page title can be configured by the Property Window for sign-in and sign-out page.
88492 If sum or count control exists and "Initialize when" formula is specified for filters, the runtime will not show object reference error.
88519 Latest updates to Chrome allow Ajax smooth panel update to run properly.
88521 Fixed a problem that searching in the Large List Selector shows an Object reference error when display foreign key as a formula.
88527 Project file will have references of only those images which are present in the image folder.
88542 Emails with relative URL are constructed properly to match the folder structure created by deployment.
88549 The Forgot Password feature has been added to V 9.0.
88551 Stored Procedure for SQL server is more efficient for Views based on Tables with GUID as PK.
88553 Large list selector items are arranged in alphabetical order. There is no object reference error anymore with large list selector.
88554 Now build count will show number of files changed correctly in build dialog.
88557 If the application explorer is unpin, it will be retracted automatically after you select a different page.
88558 If menu sitemap cannot be read, migration will not fail.
88572 For a Custom Query after migration to v9.0 dropdown shows correct values when a value is picked using Large List Selector when DFKA formula is specified.
88575 When editing custom queries with the Query Wizard in the Pages tab, the SELECT step is now disabled because custom query editing is done in the Databases tab.
88577 Query Wizard correctly updates settings when editing a foreign key field in a child table.
88583 On button click events, CommitTransaction will only be called for save buttons only to avoid other button click events autosave records by CommitTransaction method.
88586 Database formula changes will result in code generation after build is performed in the database tab.
88591 Security Wizard works with not linked tables.
88600 If one of the record in the database has 0 as a foreign key value, this record will not be displayed on an add record page during page loaded.
88601 Query Wizard will now leave a DropDownList control's table and field names intact when adding a WHERE clause.
88608 After renaming record form or workflow controls, the asp panel tag surrounding the record grid will be renamed correctly to avoid compilation.
88617 Calling New OderBy (False, True) no longer causes an error with SELECT DISTINCT. The "True" parameter is no longer relevant and behaves the same as "False", left as is for backward compatibility.
88640 SQL Server fields of type time are now mapped to the proper data type when inserting/updating records.
88658 This article is obsolete for 9.0 and will be deleted.
88670 Table variables used in SQL Server stored procedures have been updated to include collation names where appropriate in order to avoid collation conflicts.
88723 Documentation in Part 1, Table Filtering Configuration, has been updated.
88733 Filters on bit fields in MySQL databases are now working properly instead of returning no matches.
88903 For C# application, GetColumnValues formula method doesn't return two empty element if no values is found.
88984 Oracle tables are generated properly using custom query.
89030 Now the reset filter button will reset the default sort order during runtime.
89101 IronSpeed Designer no longer uses OleDb connections when querying SQL Server schema. This eliminates a problem where OleDb connections were sometimes failing against remote servers.
89135 Database views that may have many fields with common values in many rows no longer make use of record cacheing. This avoids incorrect cache hits.
89148 If you have a formula which is in the format of <Record Control>.<Field Control>.<Property>, then after duplicating the record control on the same page, the formula on the duplicated control has the proper name.
89187 Now all the Validation Formulas present inside Databases tab for a particular table shows results.
89198 Fields with names containing decimal number are recognized correctly.
89217 Iron Speed Desiger will not crash when there are many messages to be shown during schema scanning.
89220 The default ADO.NET database command timeout may now be overridden by adding a key/value pair to web.config in the <appSettings> section. Example:
<add key="DbCommandTimeout" value="240"/> .
89253 If some invalid attributes are specified for a fieldvalue literal control, they will not be ignored during aspx file generation to avoid application compilation error.
89405 Delete button setting is added in Table Row Buttons options for Search and Show page in the Application generation options.
89418 This is by design, not a bug. EvaluateFormula method contains a property called Roles, so formula evaluation fails. In this case use just fieldname without preceding with TableName in the formula.
89503 Now Iron Speed Designer supports new formula methods, EncryptData and DecryptData which can be used for encryption and decryption for database records.
89524 Page Totals and Grand Totals now return proper decimal values when using SQL Server stored procedures.
89548 Menu Wizard now shows a message to inform users that the menu will be recreated if it needs to.
89558 Database schema synchronization can keep the original Display as formula in Databases tab.
89567 Correct values are displayed and selected using LargeListSelector and Formula.
89584 After the user configures the data source for a field value dropdown and select a value through large list selector on application runtime, the selected value will be inserted back to the dropdown properly.
89589 Adding and removing quotations from label text is simpler and straight forward now.
89654 Iron Speed on English systems will now split field and table names with the word "county". For example, "countyregion" would become "County Region". Generally, proper word splitting is assured only when there are word delimiters (e.g. "county_region" or "CountyRegion").
89678 Adding new item via AddNewRecord button inserts this item to the dropdown list.

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