Iron Speed Designer V8.0.2 Release Notes

Issue Description
87703 The Definition class file in Data Access Layer now uses StringBuilder to avoid out-of-memory issue.
88327 Query wizard allows changing table on a From step.
88341 For field value cascading dropdowns,changing the first dropdown value will reset the second dropdown properly.
88417 Property description for "Maximum display length" is corrected.
88463 Stored procedure generation now properly generates Update procedures for a table that has a primary key of type uniqueidentifier and a default value newid().
88474 Data Source tab at the bottom of Design Mode now shows data source for field value radio button list.
88521 Fixed a problem that searching in the Large List Selector shows an Object reference error when display foreign key as a formula.
88529 Title in PopUp window populates from Resource file.
88531 Format works on page level functions.
88539 Export works when filters from different tables are present.
88542 The email url was changed to match the folder structure created by deployment.
88551 Stored Procedure for SQL server is more efficient for Views based on Tables with GUID as PK.
88570 If incorrect ORDER BY setting is stored in the application, the code for ORDER BY will not be generated to avoid compilation errors.
88577 Query Wizard correctly updates settings when editing a foreign key field in a child table.

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