Iron Speed Designer V8.0.1 Release Notes

Issue Description
87602 For new applications, 'SetPaginationPageSize' on VB is changed to Sub to avoid compilation problem.
88402 Now, record safe classes are not regenerated when application is rebuilt.
88404 Code customization which use Old signatures of function from BaseTable class will still work for non modified pages.
88406 3.5 framework applications now have Datavizualization chart dlls in the bin folder to avoid deployment issue.
88408 DataSources could be sorted by index as well as by aggregate field
88411 Fixed web proxy for activation calls.
88412 Microsoft Access connections now function properly.
88413 Tooltips on the data source tab is corrected.
88414 Now the Security Wizard displays roles property without showing any errors when using Role Based Security.
88423 Now, if there source values are used in the text property of a field/literal, they work properly without giving any errors.

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