Iron Speed Designer V7.1.0 Release Notes

Issue Description
81488 Designer now reads the column-level collation for Microsoft SQL Server in order to determine if a column is case sensitive. If not case sensitive, conversions using UPPER in generated SQL are no longer done.
81634 An object reference error has been resolved when changing data types on primary / foreign key fields and syhronizing database schema.
82104 Calling your own stored procedure as per the Code Customization Wizard examples has been fixed to properly close the database connection after running the stored procedure.
82185 Synchronizing database schema now properly detects changes in auto-increment / identity specification on fields.
82232 Run() function has been replaced with RunQuery() and RunNonQuery().
86855 Iron Speed Designer now generates detail panels containing only one field column.
86945 Oracle schema names are now listed alphabetically.
86955 Improved edge quality of menus in certain page styles.
86968 Migration now works properly for GEN:Panel controls that contain no rows or cells.
86976 If the database field name is a reserved word, both the corresponding FieldValue control on generated pages and the property in the data access layer now have the same name.
87016 Iron Speed Designer now supports formulas for Field Value Label controls.
87057 If a cell's style attribute has a slash, editing the style attribute later using the Cell Editor's toolbar now functions properly.
87062 User-defined changes to database properties such as field display name and display format are now properly preserved when field names are changed and schema changes are synchronized.
87093 Null reference conditions are now checked in the Page_PreRenderComplete method in DefaultSP.aspx.
87099 Iron Speed Designer can now generate detail panel controls with only one label and one field value column.
87110 The width of the multi-level menu is now explicitly declared, which collapses the undesired padding.
87121 The Troubleshooting folder is no longer deleted.
87123 Iron Speed Designer now compiles code properly if your development machine has the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005/2008 Shell installed without other editions of the same version of Microsoft Visual Studio, such as such as Professional or Team Suite.
87137 When top-level master page is changed in the Property Sheet, its path is now correctly converted to a URL using '/'.
87145 Commas now can be used as separators between formula function arguments regardless the application's culture and format settings.
87172 The VB code for the 'Handle Selected Records on Button click' code customization has been updated to fix a compiler error.
87173 After pasting controls into the Design Mode layout spreadsheet, Iron Speed Design now makes sure the new control name and id are not reserved words.
87180 The Export to Excel feature has been updated so that the export code loop can execute more than one time if needed.
87243 Items are now inserted properly into dropdown lists and list boxes when there are duplicate values in the database.
87245 Large List Selectors are now compatible with SharePoint applications.
87246 Top-level SharePointBlank.master master page can now be used to create Custom Large List Selectors.
87268 Dragging an ASCX control from the toolbox onto your page no longer causes an 'object reference not found' error.
87311 Control.cs/vb files for ASCX controls are now shown in the Application Explorer tree.

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