Iron Speed Designer V7.0.1 Release Notes

Issue Description
14528 The Sign In page now displays the appropriate error message when signed out.
81567 Panel Wizard is obsolete. Instead, Toolbox is enhanced to make the application more customizable.
85900 The Send Email feature now works with multiple e-mail actions, including the case when the body content is specified as a web page.
85915 The Data Import Wizard now sits atop the desktop when starting.
86969 The Populate method is now properly generated for Dropdown Lists and ListBox controls, so the number of items in the control is not limited to 500.
86974 Enterprise Edition users can now use page styles with custom names that are defined in the Design Themes folder before starting the Application Wizard.
86977 The FCKEditor control now changes its language when a new language is selected.
86978 Proper code is now generated for dropdown filters for the "Initialize when Displaying" event.
86979 Fixed problem with edit table pages where deleting records was not properly deleting.
86983 Set methods are no longer called twice in DataBind methods.
86985 The BasePage_PreRender method in page classes is commented out and regenerated when migrating applications created before V7.0 to resolve server-side validation issues.
86989 The Get() method isnow properly generated based on the checked state of the “Save into database” event in the Formula tab.
86993 Fixed problem with TableStatistic not working properly with ROW_NUMBER query in SQL Server.
87002 If you select less than 15 tables in the Free Edition's Application Wizard, an error message is now displayed if you have too many foreign key and child tables.
87005 If a FieldValue checkbox binds to a non-string field, it will now initialize properly at application run-time according to the “Treat other values as checked” property.

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