Iron Speed Designer V6.2.2 Release Notes

Issue Description
  These controls have been added to Free Edition: Multi-level menus, Tabbed panels, Hyperlinked fields, Flicker-free panel update, Quick Add, Quick Edit, Copy record, and Save and New.
  These controls have been added to Professional Edition: Quick Add, Quick Edit, Copy record, and Save and New.
  The ASCII CSV data export has been removed from Free Edition.
  The Free Edition no longer opens most Enterprise Edition and Professional Edition applications. This prevents accidental application damage and unintended feature downgrades.
  The Start tab contents and layout have been simplified.
  The Microsoft ASP.NET Development Server is now automatically installed if it is not present.
  Checking for Microsoft IIS during installation has been removed.
  Unneeded Entity Framework references have been removed from the generated application's Web.config file.
  An error message is now displayed when you attempt to build an application and the .NET Framework 3.5 is not installed.
  Additional error checking has been added in the Application Wizard to detect table and page limitations in Free Edition.
  The Database Server step in Application Wizard in the Free Edition now has built-in sample databases.
  Uninstalling Iron Speed Designer now has more robust product key deactivation to allow for intermittent or variable Internet connection speeds and timing issues.

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