Iron Speed Designer V6.2.0 Release Notes

Issue Description
  Grand totals and page totals now round properly.
13739 Master pages are now generated as part of the application.
14565 Tables named 'Export' and 'Import' no longer generate compilation errors.
82401 Querying to retrieve a single record based on a primary key is no longer preceeded by a "SELECT COUNT(*)..." query.
83699 The Data Import Wizard nowsupports the List Separator character specified for the UI culture of the current end user as specified on the Select Language Page.
83894 All Header controls can now be enabled and disabled independently.
84020 The File Upload control works properly now for DOCX and XLSX files.
84276 Iron Speed Designer now stores database connection strings in the Web.configfile in the connectionStrings section instead of the appSettings section.
84294 Automatic white space trimmingon database values in the generated user interface code no longer casuses unnecessary UPDATE operations in the database.
84369 The permitted field values feature now works properly.
84460 Directcast is now used instead of Ctype for the “Send Email when Saving or Updating Data” code customization example to avoid a casting error.
84512 Entering a numeric value into a search filter now displays a dropdown suggestion list for automatic type-ahead.
84566 For scrollable table panels, an extra cell is now generated in the button panel region to correct the panel buttons' width.
84595 The File Upload control works properly now for DOCX and XLSX files.
84596 A Javascript error is no longer displayed when downloading a file with a single quote in its name.
84611 Focus is now always set to the first element on the page.
84691 Selecting the 'Custom' button action in the Properties dialog's Bindings now generates an empty button click handler.
84697 Range and date filters added from the toolbox now support a bound button associated with the filter.
84749 Code documentation is now generated using open source project Ndoc2005 available at
84776 The WHERE step of the Query Wizard no longer displays an "Add" button for joining two panels together if both panels have custom queries.
84779 Pages now have references to FCKEditor only when the FCKEditor control is present on the page.
84793 Large list selector searches are now case insensitive by default.
84838 Iron Speed Designer now retrieves roles up to the set limit. A message is now displayed if the roles list is so big there is not enough memory to retrieve them all.
84843 If you select a foreign key field in the Add WHERE Clause dialog, you can now choose to compare the field with its DFKA value using the "Compare with DFKA" checkbox.
84861 Date field now does not support automatic formatting during data entry because this did not work in all cases.
84896 The Undo / Redo feature now works globally across all panels and controls in the page as well as across the entire application.
84899 The Page Panels navigation window has been replaced by a breadcrumb navigation tool.
84903 It is now possible to use a table control inside a tab container inside a parent control when the tab container contains a button from parent control.
84909 When pages are in nested folders, a warning message is now displayed requesting the page be moved to an appropriate folder.
84925 The 'Descending' sorting order set in the Query Wizard now functions properly.
84937 All labels and controls on the Sign In page are now generated same way as labels and controls on any other page and they are easily modifiable.
84938 Applications are now added to Microsoft IIS 7 web server under several additional conditions.
84941 Specifying a left header and right header in a .word configuration file now properly formats the generated Microsoft Word report.
84942 In Free Edition, you can now change the panel heading option via the Panel Configuration Wizard when adding a new panel from the toolbox.
84959 An error message is now displayed if the menu control's sitemap file is corrupted.
84965 The 'Apply as Defaults for New Applications' in the Application Generation Options dialog now works properly.
85010 Page generation now adds pass-through attributes to the generated ASP controls for Tab Container and Tab Panel controls.
85014 During application migration Iron Speed Designer now adds an OracleClient reference if it is not already included.
85016 It is now possible to set the user name and password fields to be different data types.
85023 Changing the label control type to a literal or hyperlink is now retained after dragging another label from the Toolbox into the Quick Layout Spreadsheet.
85043 It is now possible to use application names which are substrings of the "Security\SignIn" string.
85047 The File Upload control now works properly when it is present in a child table row and this row is the first row added in the child table.
85053 'NUMBER' fields now properly set the 'Text box columns' value in all cases.
85055 Right clicking to override a radiobutton list's CreateWhereclasue and Populate methods now inherits its proper base methods.
85066 Buttons dragged from the toolbox are now correctly bound and saved.
85070 Reset filters button now resets the totals if present in a panel when Hide Until Searched is enabled.
85073 When Designer starts it now checks for both Microsoft IIS and ASP.NET Development Server, displaying a warning message only if both are not present.
85102 Updated code generation for send email feature to include parameter for URL encryption.
85104 Iron Speed Designer now does not generate column sorting code for Show/Edit/Add Record panels after you modify the related proforma pages.
85133 The Data Import Wizard now displays a message listing particular recorsd it is unable to import, including the record number and content.
85156 Inserting a new child table panel on a Record page no longer throws an exception.
85158 The page size is now properly saved when set via the Panel Configuration Wizard or Property dialog.
85169 The Application Wizard now correctly generates pages when the underlying database schema expresses a parent-child-grandchild relationship.
85177 When dragging a panel control from the Toolbox onto a page, the Configuration Wizard now displays the Style step which allows option selection corresponding to Application Generation Options.
85186 The Web.config file is shown normally even if it has uppercase letters in the name.
85193 Selecting 'Save data on page' in the Properties dialog's Bindings tab for a button now displays the 'Enable client-side validation' checkbox which allows you to control validation.
85205 An outdated coding examples file was removed from the downloadable online help installer.
85242 Sign In pages can now be generated without a menu.
85260 Iron Speed Designer now generates code to handle constant encryption and decryption properly.
85289 The calendar date control now supports custom date formats created with a culturally specific date format.
85342 Foreign key fields that allow NULL values are no longer marked as 'Required' forMicrosoftSQLServertables.
85345 FCKEditor included with Iron Speed Designer has latest security updates (ver included.
85353 Iron Speed Designer now verifies the connection and access to new tables and displays an error message if access is not granted because of permission level or other reason.
85382 Changing a tag's type in the Cell Editor, for example asp:textbox to asp:literal, now retains the id or name attribute.
85383 Tables containing a field named "Services" no longer generates a build error when opened in Visual Studio 2005.
85412 The Code Customization Wizard no longer triggers an infinite build loop if an application is created with a future date by modifing conputer's date.
85413 The Export to Excel feature no longer has a limit of 100 rows in certain circumstances.
85415 It is now possible to update (delete / add / save) an Edit Record page which has more than one URL parameter when ViewState is saved in the Cache or Session.
85416 Modifing the bindings of a button from Delete selected row(s) to Save data on page no longer generates a compilation error.
85418 Special symbols such as #%&@*() and others are now allowed in Active Directory group names, except these four: \ / " ;
85422 Action After Command in the Properties dialog now selects and configures parameters properly.
85429 Changes made in the Cell Editor are now automatically saved if a build is triggered or any similar action is taken, such as a change in the selected cell, page, or panel.
85437 Improper DataReaderAlwaysSortBy and DataReaderSortBy pass-through attribute values no longer generate code with compilation errors.
85447 Deleting a folder via the Application Explorer now deletes the folder in addition to its contents.
85450 The generated code for ASCX controls with an expand / collapse button in the row now compiles properly.
85455 The New Virtual Key dialog now accomodates even the longest table names.
85493 Fixed several misspellings in Data Import Wizard.
85495 Code Customization Wizard examples using dropdown lists now properly inserts ** Please Select** from the resource (RESX) file.
85499 After renaming a field in the database and using the Map Field dialog, data bindings for pages are updated properly and no longer cause object reference errors.
85500 After renaming a field in the database and using the Map Field dialog, data bindings for pages are updated properly and no longer cause object reference errors.
85518 It is now possible to create pages using tables containing primary or foreign key fields named 'base' and create dropdown filters for this field.
85533 Custom queries with Virtual Primary Keys no longer use "DISTINCT" queries.
85541 The increment / decrementbutton event handler code has been updated to use "space.gif" instead of "spacer.gif".
85557 Export to Microsoft Excel, CSV, Microsoft Word and PDF have been changed to retrieve 5000 records at a time to improve speed.
85675 A more informative message is displayed when the Data Import Wizard fails.
85676 Acompilation error has been resolved having to do with handling default values on BIT fields in My SQL databases.
85749 Removed debug code for AJAX Netflix pop-up in ApplicationWebForm.js.

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