Iron Speed Designer V6.1.0 Release Notes

Issue Description
10535 New Source Control feature allows overwriting read-only files if user so selects in response to prompt message.
13195 Applications no longer inserts a NULL value for a stirng column that does not allow NULL, has an empty string ("") default value, and was not given a value via the user interface.
80994 Stored procedure generation for Oracle has been resolved to limit parameter names to 30 characters or less.
81065 The 'EnableIncrementDecrementButtons' pass-through attribute now controls the display of increment and decrement buttons.
82401 Querying to retrieve a single record based on primary key is no longer preceeded by a "SELECT COUNT(*) ..." query.
83250 Importing a CSV file works properly when using IE 8.
84021 Iron Speed Designer no longer crashes when you insert a column, remove a row, or remove a column and the focus is in the Quick Layout editor cell.
84577 The panel body's top border is now part of the panel's "content" area instead of its "header" area in case the "header" is disabled / not shown.
84583 Correct code is now generated for the Save Data binding that does not cause compilation errors.
84584 The Panel Wizard now gracefully handles duplicate foreign keys.
84589 When in Live Preview, quickly clicking to Design Mode now switches to Design Mode.
84590 Correct code is now generated for the Save Data binding that does not cause compilation errors.
84601 The typo in the Search Filter label in the Toolbox Filters tab was fixed.
84602 The generated application now uses the global resource manager to get the list of available languages and resource values.
84604 A 'Row Selectiion' checkbox option has been added for Edit Table pages.
84605 The code generation process now only generates files which are affected by changes.
84606 Application migration will not warn about a changed application until it is actually changed.
84607 Stored procedures for Microsoft SQL Server now work properly with tables that have uniqueidentifier primary keys with default values of newsequentialid().
84617 Applications no longer open if a page style (design theme) is not present.
84619 The button click event on the Select Language Page can now be overridden.
84641 Updated the Code Customization Wizard's 'Upload a File to the File System' example with clearer instructions.
84642 Multi-level menu support for IE 8 has been added.
84655 'request' has been added to ReservedWords.xml.
84659 Enhanced the code generated for the Select Language Page so that the button click handler can be modified and overridden.
84666 The Quick Layout editor's right-click menus have been expanded with additional options and improved structure.
84708 The ToggleAllCheckboxes feature now looks for the parent table independent of HTML structure and checks / unchecks all checkboxes within that parent table.
84747 BaseClasses.dll is now compiled for both x86 and x64 platforms and will load in both.
84749 Code documentation is now generated using open source project Ndoc2005 available at
84751 If a URL parameter used to set an initial value is encrypted, it is now decrypted when received and the correct initial value assigned.
84757 BaseClasses.dll is now compiled for both x86 and x64 platforms and will load in both.
84759 The Live Preview is refreshed regardless of the refresh settings in Internet Explorer.
84761 The z-index is explicitely set for horizontal and vertical multi-level menu leaves to support IE8.
84756 Error messages relating to Oracle 64 bit operation have been improved to correctly identify the problem.
84783 A "Conversion failed" error no longer occurs when searching for numeric values in Microsoft SQL Server.
84791 Filter objects for custom queries are now instantiate properly with proper scope.
84829 BaseClasses code has been updated to remove many obsolete comments.
84865 Improved code generation to fix all generated application code which caused compiler warnings. The generated application now compiles in Visual Studio without compiler warnings.
84894 When no column header is specified for a PDF or Microsoft Word report, a blank column header row is no longer shown.
84923 The Quick Add button generated for foreign key dropdown lists is now generated when the application generation options for the Expand / Collapse button is turned off.
84930 After changing the Quick Layout spreadsheet's cell value using the Cell Editor, the cell contents are correctly formatted.
84933 The grand total label is now generated correctly for table panels based on database views.
84936 Overidding the PopulateFilter method for a list box filter via the Code menu no longer generates a compilation error.
84943 Duplicate values of the SelectedItemOverLimit key in .resx files have been removed.
84945 Iron Speed Designer generated pages have no longer have CSS validation errors in Visual Studio.
84950 A migrated V5.0 application containing a panel without a search button no longer throws a warning message controls are dropped onto the page.
85003 Implemented URL parameter encryption and decryption for initial values.

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