Iron Speed Designer V5.2.1 Release Notes

Issue Description
  The Microsoft Web Development Server is now the default web server for running applications on your development machine.
82242 Pages can now be created for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 with table names "Services", "Events", and "Routes".
83048 The HTML Quick View window no longer loses focus when the mouse moves outside the window.
83080 Setting the field alignment in the Design tab no longer causes and exception.
83085 Migration Wizard now properly migrates AppInfo.xml file.
83094 Header.xml is now properly migrated.
83102 An Add Record page created with the New Page Wizard no longer attempts to load data from the database.
83109 Unnecessary start and commit transaction function calls are no longer generated for button click events.
83110 Editing a button's URL parameter in the Page Properties dialog no longer gives an error message in certain circumstances.
83113 Application pre-compilation no longer causes warning messages about variable declarations.
83119 Application migration no longer throws a "'GetRecord' is not a member..." compilation error.
83120 Adding a new button to a page no longer throws "'GetRecord' is not a member..." compilation errors in certain circumstances.
83121 When creating new applications with folder names ending with a slash, the Web.config file now has appropriate content and the solution file will be named correctly.
83122 Creating a custom query with additional URL parameters in the WHERE clause no longer throws compilation errors.
83131 The Ajax-based date selector calendar control now partially supports non-Gregorian calendars such as Hijri.
83201 The IDs of all calendar controls now use the underscore character (“_”) followed by its original ID value.
83202 The Ajax-based calendar control no longer displays behind scrollable table column headers.
83238 The compilation error "String constants must end with a double quote." no longer occurs.
83252 Configuring a third-party toolbox control permits code insertion in to the Controls.cs (.vb) file.

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