Iron Speed Designer V4.2.1 Release Notes

Issue Description
14520 Percentage columns now multiply their values by 100 for display and divide by 100 for saving.

If you are migrating from an older version and have used the Percentage display type, please verify your application's display and save functionality as well as the data in your database to ensure that the new functionality works appropriately for you. Please note that when saving percentages, the data is saved in decimal format (e.g., 0.12) while it is displayed in percent format (12%) based on the Microsoft .NET Formatting for "P", "p" or "%" format strings. Specifically, the .NET Formatting documentation states, "The converted number is multiplied by 100 in order to be presented as a percentage." Please ensure that the data saved in your database is in decimal format (0.12 for 12%).
80590 The 'Download a File from the File System' Code Customization Wizard example has clarified documentation for Smooth Panel Update operation.
80591 Fixed 'Error occurred during a call to property or method GetColumnLength' which caused builds to fail.
80593 "aIsScrollable" is checked before wrapping a "scrolling" div tag around pop-up content in client-side JavaScript.
80594 Both the appSettings and globalization sections of the original Web.config file are preserved during migration.
80606 Added minimum and maximum size constraints to the pop-up window for image and text pop-ups.
80618 asp:ScriptManager tags are not generated if all Ajax-based features are turned off in the Application Wizard Options dialog.

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