Iron Speed Designer V4.0.5 Release Notes

Issue Description
14711 Added 'about:blank' to the trusted sites list in the registry so IE 7 does not give JavaScript errors in the Design tab and Code Telescope.
80005 Added an extra logic to determine which table panel is currently in focus before actuating up/down keypress navigation.
80023 An error message is no longer shown when selecting the CreateWhereClauseXXXDropDownList menu item in the Design tab's Code menu.
80030 Older versions of the online help are no longer displayed in certain cases.
80035 When the 'Add' button is clicked, data for the existing records is now taken from the posted data instead of the database.
80036 Removed an extra quote mark from the error handling code to eliminate a compilation problem in C# generated code.
80037 Clicking the browser's 'Refresh' button no longer deletes a second record after deleting the first record.
80038 The 'Text box columns' setting specifying the number of input characters of the search textbox now sets the textbox's display width on the generated ASPX page.
80041 The comparison operator and order by direction now require fully qualified names using prefixes (BaseClasses.Data.BaseFilter.ComparisonOperator, BaseClasses.Data.OrderByItem.OrderDir).
80042 The required field setting is no longer lost in certain cases after finishing the Record Panel Wizard.
80043 Required password validation type fields no longer display the required field validation alert popup when the field has a value.
80044 The Add Record page now properly saves values input into fields of the Password validation type.
80048 The 'OK' button on the Sign In page now works properly after using the Page Properties dialog.
80053 A missing new line was added between two Visual Basic .NET code statements in the CancelButton_Click_Base method.
80055 Values selected from an extended range in the Large List Selector are now kept after the postback.

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