Iron Speed Designer V4.0.4 Release Notes

Issue Description
13805 The Enter capture key (e.g. the default 'OK' button) now works on Mac (Safari 2.0.3) and FireFox browsers.
14242 Added Enter key capture code to the Add Record, Edit Record, and Show Record pages in AcmeOMS sample application.
14274 ParserControl.xml is now used to initialize parser parameters.
14287 Eliminated compilation errors after migration caused by misidentified code customizations.
14311 Fixed typo in the 'Unable to verify connection' warning message in the 'Deploy MSI Installer' command.
14444 Fixed compilation error when application database table contained column names "Attachment" and "AttachmentName".
14469 Fixed compilation errors after migration by eliminating components in XML files that should not migrate.
14479 Fixed the error displayed in pages containing ASCX controls which were converted from ASPX pages to ASCX controls.
14483 'Display Foreign Key As' did not display correctly for certain Text Box display styles.
14502 Fixed compilation error occurring when selecting fields in Sort Order that are not part of SELECT.
14519 All search fields are now appropriately searched, even if the data type of the value entered does not match the field's data type.
14526 The "credit card expiration date" field no longer appends a date separator to the year value.
14531 A “Panel update error” was inappropriately shown when reconfiguring a printable table panel.
14536 Reconfiguring third-party toolbox controls using the Configuration Wizard added code that wouldn't compile.
14537 Pressing the 'Enter' key no longer saves a record when values are missing in required fields.
14542 Images now display when the data-bound image is bound to a field which has an image path (physical path).
14549 The default page size is now displayed for table panels within an ASCX control.
14554 Updating a database field with the current date and time in an Edit Record page now works properly.
14556 Buttons no longer lose bindings when adding or removing fields via the Table Panel Wizard.
14566 Unrecognized escape sequences no longer cause application migration to fail.
14574 The function to populate the filter dropdown list now applies the WHERE clause to the table in addition to all the filters.
14585 All field values now support 'display foreign key as' except Literal and Label (with SaveData=true) and TextBox (unless SaveData=false).
14594 Client side validation did not occur for required dropdown lists.
14595 Fixed compilation error in Literal controls using 'TextFormat' attribute containing <href="..\Shared\ExportFieldValue.aspx">.
14601 Code customizations can now use the UniqueName property to compose the left-hand side of a WHERE clause. The Name property is obsolete.
14604 The 'Video Demo' buttons in various dialog boxes now correctly map to the current release.
14606 Added Firefox support to fire "change" events when a selection is made in the Date Selector and Large List Selector.
14609 Code Telescope threw an exception upon clicking 'Refresh' button in certain cases.
14622 The "Save Table and add a new row in one click" Code Customization Wizard template no longer generates compilation errors when inserted into an application.
14624 Simplified "Multiple Dropdowns that dynamically update each other" Code Customization Wizard template.
14626 Added 'KeyValue' to the ReservedWords.xml file.
14627 The 'Code' menu on an Add Record panel now inserts the selected method.
14635 The generated MSI installer now loads stored procedures.
14637 Added firing of "onchange" event in Large List Selector so that postback processing can occur.
14638 Added missing function call to 'Save()' in the 'Add Webservice to your application' Code Customization Wizard template.
14639 Fixed the compilation error for nested detail table containing a search or filter field.
14642 Fixed button bindings when migrating from 3.2.x version to 4.0.x version so that Buttons still work after migration.
14644 Application pages built on German language systems now display data.
14645 Table selection for a search control in the Page Properties dialog's Bindings tab gave inappropriate choices.
14646 Button-HtmlAttributes-onClick and other events like mouse-over now call appropriate JavaScript functions.
14652 'Table within a table' configurations now work properly in C# applications.
14653 Labels generated from database fields whose names are days of the week now display properly.
14654 Code customization "Store Extra information at Sign-in time" no longer causes compilation errors.
14667 Gaps no longer appear in Sign-In and Sign-Out Out page headers when the body content is very long.
14668 Iron Speed Designer now properly parses 'enum' data types when inserting or updating code.
14669 Generated applications no longer display an error message if the page size property had been removed from the page properties.
14671 Unbuilt Controls.vb and .cs files no longer appear in Application Explorer tree.
14674 In certain cases, the Code Telescope displayed an 'offline' page for documentation even though an Internet connection was available.
14675 Search fields that did not match the data type of value entered for the search were not searched.
14680 The images for 'Add Record - Label on Side' and 'Add Record - Label on Top' were reversed in the Kilauea design theme.
14681 Underscores now replace spaces in table and view names. Record pages now display proper URL parameter values.
14682 In the Page Properties dialog, when 'Default table size' (page size) value is cleared, a value of '-1' is now set automatically.
14689 Turkish language applications did not provide a FieldName value in the “A value for {FieldName} is required” error message.
14692 Hidden and disabled controls on an Edit Record page incorrectly saved 'null' as a field value when clicking the 'Save' button.
14695 Added firing of "onchange" event in DateSelector.html updateTarget() method when the date link is clicked in the Date Selector.
14699 Improved detection to determine when an Iron Speed Designer generated application exists in a folder.
14703 Date fields now allow 'early termination' of month and day values by entering a date separator after only one digit is entered.
14708 The Search step in the Table Panel Wizard did not maintain field selections when the field was not one of the selected fields.
14712 Code customization 'Multiple Dropdown Fields that Dynamically Update Each Other' now shows '0' instead of NULL in dropdown.
14715 The Table Panel Wizard now maintains 'Operator' and 'Case sensitive' selections in the Search step in a newly added table panel.
14716 The Table Panel Wizard now properly inserts filters above tables when configuring a newly added table panel from the tool box.
14717 The InnerFilter in data access classes is now reset before creating the LoadData WHERE clause to allow for dynamic selection.
14719 Setting the AutoPostBack property to False now turns off the postback property for dropdown filters.
14724 Migration Wizard now replaces old versions of ApplicationWebForm.js and ApplicationWebUIValidation.js.
14732 Fixed file formatting in ProjectTemplate.zh-CN.Elief Tian.resx.
14735 The Large List Selector's background is now transparent so it blends in with any colored record panel background.
14748 The Required field validator now works for "File Upload" controls.
80006 Toggling checkboxes in table panels no longer toggles checkboxes in nested table panels.
80014 Changing the language translation selection no longer changes the currency format and symbol selections.

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