Iron Speed Designer V12.2 Release Notes

  New Features
  Visual Studio 2015 Support.
  Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 Support.
  Windows 10 Support.
  Enhanced Application Explorer — you can now hide or show empty folders.
  Other Changes
  Fixed formula generation for Gallery with overlaid text.
  Improved layout for the page with a fixed header.
  Improved migration.
Issue Customer Reported Issues
92488 Use column name in sort control when label contains resource or format formula.
92842 Validation message and import/export wizards use modified value from the label text.
93968 Configure menu wizard saves roles properly when security changed.
94534 TextBox control properly uses dd/MM/yyyy hh:mm:tt format for date fields.
94555 Application properly handles circular group references in Active Directory.
94556 Date Selector textbox got Default value assigned for Calendar extender pop-up.
94560 Mobile Styles properly copied to deployment project.
94561 Configure menu wizard saves roles properly when security changed.
94575 Proper handling generation of Dropdown list when field and table have the same name.
94580 Designer creates hyperlinks for foreign key field regardless of the table naming order.
94585 For Water/Water Grid themes, horizontal menu pops up above that of the fixed header scrolling region.
94587 When LDAP string on Active Directory Security includes IP address Designer will not try to parse it for domains in Security Wizard.
94597 On Internet Explorer 9, the filter pop-up is now displayed in the same location as on newer browsers.
94610 Designer preserves user’s added DLL references and folders even if they match RESTful application specific references for non-RESTful applications.

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