Iron Speed Designer V12.1 Release Notes

  New Features
  Supercharged Application Wizard — Get the exact page configurations you want out of the box with far less manual layout customization.
  Fixed Column Headings — Never lose sight of what’s in each column as you scroll through long tables.
  Upgraded Query Wizard — New OR and GROUP clauses means you won't have to create as many database views.
  Enhanced Batch Wizard — More built-in options extend the range of global changes you can make to your application.
  Streamlined Configuration Wizard — Easily configure master and detail panels, and add relationships with other panels.
  Improved Android Application Generation — Android Studio support simplifies deployment to Google Play.
  Separate Style Sheets for Web and Mobile Apps — Style sheet customization is easier and application pages load faster.
  Faster Application Generation Speed — 300% speed improvement lets you develop faster than ever before.
  Streamlined Application Explorer — Pages for different application types are segregated so they're easier to locate and modify.
  Simplified Toolbox — It's easier than ever to add controls to your page.
  New Live Preview — The merged Live Preview and Run let you see your app in your favorite web browser.
  Other Changes
  Sign-in page layout optimization.
  Remember docking configuration for modal windows.
  Optimized Iron Speed Designer’s memory management.
  Improved logic to properly handle computed in the database fields.
  Improved caching logic to avoid compilation and build errors.
  Fixed schema reading for SQL CE database.
Issue Customer Reported Issues
94010 Significantly improved Iron Speed Designer performance for Oracle databases.
94080 GetRecordCount works properly in RESTful applications.
94082 Extended list of properties for Charts control.
94098 Fixed sorting for records filtered by their location.
94104 Improved opening application via the shortcut.
94109 When the list of pages is sorted by Permission column in Security wizard roles assignment works properly.
94117 Tab's font color for Classic themes matches the theme.
94126 Text is shown properly in Configuration Wizard.
94127 Button's actions work properly in combination with redirect or modal popup.
94128 Fixed redirect back issue if quick selector is in the browser history.
94137 Display text on the Sort control is shown properly.
94138 Extended list of properties for Charts control.
94147 Improved Location retrieval for iOS 8, users will get redirected to the home page in the generated iOS app without clicking any additional button.
94153 Additional import clauses in the Global.asax file are preserved.
94285 Fixed the code generation for FieldLabel when label text is defined in the Database mode.

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