Iron Speed Designer V12.0.2 Release Notes

  Other Changes
  New revised online help.
Issue Customer Reported Issues
93977 Support deployment of the application with chart for FW4.0 and VS2012/2013.
93979 SharePoint deployment for VS2010.
93981 Remove compatibility requirement for IE versions.
93982 Designer preserves user’s added DLL references even if they match RESTful application specific references for non-RESTful application.
93983 Google geocoding functionality uses specification 3.0 for the Signature and API key.
93991 File Upload control works on Android Lollipop (5.0.x) OS.
93993 Infinite pagination for mobile now works fine when "Hide until searched" property set to True.
93996 Improve MakeModelYear.
93997 Remove RULE hint from Oracle schema scanning query to improve Oracle schema generation.
94005 GetUserRecord method works for Windows Security with Database roles.
94011 IIS Express Development Server will start in 32 bit mode on 64 bit Designer.

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