Iron Speed Designer V12.0.1 Release Notes

Issue Customer Reported Issues
93458 HTML Editor handles editing properly.
93529 Improved memory management and stability of Layout Editor.
93622 Multiple instances of Iron Speed Designer can run simultaneously.
93910 Improved live preview for Mobile Pages with Infinite Scroll.
93914 Iron Speed Designer remembers the docking position of Toolbox and Property Sheet.
93920 Fixed GetList stored procedures for tables with hundreds of columns.
93921 MySQL.dll is included in VS2013 template.
93923 Data Access Layer always has code generated in proper language.
93927 Configuring modal pop-up properly hides tab container on the page.
93933 Deployment folder and MSI installer created correctly for .NET 3.5 applications with VS2010.
93942 Databases Actions Text Editor maintains value properly.
93945 Ignore comments in the connection string section on 64bit Designer.
93948 Mark any modified code method with the word “customized”.
93955 Infinite pagination works fine when "Hide until searched" property is enabled for a table control.
93956 After configuring search fields on the Quick Selector pages' search controls for C# application, it will not cause error while searching on runtime.
93961 Fixed logic on Security Dialog for the Page section on Property Sheet.
93964 Proper MobileThemedButton control is added when Search button dropped from the Toolbox to mobile page.
93965 After deploying a 4.0 framework web application using Visual Studio 2013, resource values are properly retrieved.
93966 Deployment of the migrated application with FW4.0 and VS2013 now properly creates global.asax file.

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