Iron Speed Designer V12 Release Notes

  New Features
  New intuitive and simplified UI with updated wizards and enhanced dynamic property sheet.
  New high performance continuous scrolling.
  RESTful API.
  Designer runs using more advanced and stable 4.5.1 .NET Framework.
  Added 64bit Designer for better efficiency and memory usage.
  Automatic make-model-year generation using “depends-on” property.
  Improved class architecture simplifies application migration and customization.
  Faster application generation.
  Other Changes
  Designer.exe accepts application path as attribute to allow creation of shortcuts for applications.
  Real database order for grid type page layouts.
  Geo-location support for Native mobile apps.
  Google Maps in the Toolbox.
  New light web installer.
  Security Wizard allows proper filtering of the roles.
  Improved dialogs behavior for the larger (scaled) text size.
  Page total and grand total now work for foreign key fields.
  Improved detection of the Full Text search enabled fields.
Issue Customer Reported Issues
93000 Field Validator for FileUpload control works properly.
93265 Continuous scrolling works for iOS8 mobile devices.
93267 Improved handling of Microsoft Visual Studio / Web Deployment Projects combination during deployment.
93291 It is possible to migrate application with additional project files.
93391 Encrypted cookies of pre-migrated application properly decrypted in migrated one.
93418 Saving record for Oracle database with Stored Procedures works properly.
93419 Global.asax is not replaced by build.
93475 Quick Selector clears required field mark when value is selected without postback.
93536 Proper validation of null values for string is implemented to avoid exceptions.
93551 Migration of SharePoint pages works properly.
93554 Correct stored procedures are generated for tables with unique identifier Primary Key when it is set to RowGUID with no default value.
93555 Correct stored procedures are generated for tables with unique identifier Primary Key when it is set to RowGUID with no default value.
93709 It is possible to specify multiple resource values as a text property.
93761 Properties on Quick Selector are preserved after modification.
93811 It is possible to use Access database with workgroup security configured.
93817 IIS Express Installation check is performed only once after the installation of Iron Speed Designer.
93859 Adds correct number of empty rows for detail table panel for modern grid page styles.
93864 Improved logic for parsing dates from the calendar control in Spanish language culture, especially for month of March.
93866 Sorting table by Foreign Key value with Display As formula with multiple parent table fields uses proper order of these fields.

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