Iron Speed Designer V11.1 Release Notes

  New Features
  13 More Modern Grid Page Styles
Issue Customer Reported Issues
93052 When a Page contains tabs, its default scroll position is maintained properly at the top of the page.
93169 On ForgotUser page, the reCaptcha control is not clipped.
93205 Smooth Panel Update image displays at the center of the page.
93208 GetColumnValues formula works properly on 4.0/4.5 frameworks.
93218 Corrected the image name for Classic Filter layout type.
93219 Corrected a c# condition value for PageSize of Infinite Pagination and removed warning messages.
93221 Visible formula in ASCX controls compiles properly now.
93231 Fixed Saving Application Generation Options in Turkish culture.
93232 Android application can be downloaded to the Google Play store without complaints about validity of a key.
93236 File Upload control and zoom in and zoom out functionality now work in Android Native apps. They work with all APIs except v4.4.2 since there was a bug in Android related to it.

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