Iron Speed Designer V11.0.1 Release Notes

Issue Customer Reported Issues
91930 Improved stability of migration.
92896 Improved validation of properties dialog for native mobile applications.
93167 Migrated application will handle new mobile pages properly.
93170 Allows renaming a page and putting a dash in the file name.
93171 Migration works for panels that contain no rows or cells.
93172 Retain settings for Many-to-Many panel.
93173 Decryption works for migrated applications.
93174 Improved deployment for native mobile applications.
93177 Resolved deployment folder and MSI Installer generation error. Circular file references are not allowed.
93180 When application has GlobalWhereClause to filter security accounts, mobile sign-ins now work.
93182 On C#, after sign-in, user will not be redirected back to the Sign Out page.
93191 Dropdown List filter of a computed field no longer shows exception.
93192 Allows clearing value by stored procedure.

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