Iron Speed Designer V10.1 Release Notes

  New Features
  New many to many panel type.
  New page themes: Chablis, Sauternes, and Vinho Verde.
  QuickSelector: Generation on demand only when it is referenced from the page selector button.
  Initialize foreign key on add page record when accessed from the parent record.
  Ability to skip bad tables in database schema.
  Performance improvement: Iron Speed Designer — about 25%.
  Performance improvement: Application — added user control over selected fields in the database query for table control.
  Build current page only option.
  User control over Visual Studio solution type selection.
  Email generation and deliverability improvement.
  Email generation with multi-part content including plain text and JavaScript removal.
  Ability to send record page via email with URL parameter encrypted.
  Other Changes
  Removed ROI calculations from all versions except Trial.
  AutoTypeAhead can use Full text search.
  AutoTypeAhead does not show ellipses and does not truncate words.
  AutoTypeAhead query performance is improved by not running pagination query.
  Resolved multiple issues on Deployment Folder and MSI installer generation.
  Application can properly work with Sequence data type: filters.
  ASCX controls work properly with new naming convention (using '-'). Converting ASPX to ASCX does not cause problem either.
  QuickSelector can handle GUID data type.
  Stored procedures are able to be generated for table which names start with a number.
  Improved migration to handle third party dlls in the .obj folder.
  Improved detection of Web Deployment project used to generate MSI installer.
  Added proper agent to redirect to Mobile pages when viewed from iPad.
  Improved migration of applications with Custom Queries.
  Fixed new master page creation to ensure proper directive generation.
  QuickSelector filter can properly handle upper/lower case values if database schema is case sensitive or not.
  Fixed validation of large string fields such as ntext, nvarchar(max), etc.
  Fixed PageTotal for the page with Geo-Proximity order by.
  GeoProximity functionality works for all cultures such as French, German, etc.
  Improved styles to ensure that certain modern themes are always properly centered and have proper size.
Issue Customer Reported Issues
90782 Fixed unnecessary warnings on classic theme.
90963 Text property for FieldValue checkbox now is rendered on runtime.
90971 The tooltip of the Close button on the images or long text popup now use resource value.
91114 Parsing connection string on web.config has been enhanced.
91719 Javascript is implemented to avoid end-users to double click pagination buttons.
91882 AddWhereClause dialog can handle datasource name case insensitive way.
91893 After schema synchronization, the paging method setting table property will not be reset from somersault to RowNum.
91961 Sorting by geo-proximity internally converts latitude and longitude to radians.
92025 Dropdown list and list box properly handle situation with duplicate empty and null values. (Independently verified.)
92088 Correct case is used for C# code generation.
92159 Stored Procedure parameter uses nvarchar(max) datatype.
92166 When MSI installer is installed, users will not see error, "Could not load file or assembly 'BaseClasses."
92191 Designer allows to copy and paste blank panels.
92291 Application can send a record page using encrypted URL parameter.
92295 After editing existing record and clicking a save button, users will not see an error "Too many arguments..." if the table has GUID auto computed field.

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