Iron Speed Designer V10.0.2 Release Notes

Issue Description
91128 While applications are building, you will not get the error, "Object does not match target type."
91865 Integration of IIS 7/8 has been improved to create applications with correct application pools.
91867 In the Deployment wizard, the Visual Studio web deployment project for the application must be installed to continue with any form of deployment.
91928 After migrating the application from 9.2.0, the web.config will have a proper decimal point for DefaultLatitude and DefaultLongitude for geo coding and GetBrowserLocation() method.
91931 If an application uses CK editor, FCK editor, or Cute Editor, Iron Speed Designer will properly compile the application with a proper editor dll reference as long as this reference is in the project file.
91933 The error, "Circular file references are not allowed" has been fixed for deployment folder or MSI installer generation.
91946 After selecting a field for order-by on Query Wizard, Iron Speed Designer will not show error when you click the Finish button.
91948 When you scan schema changes for individual tables, Iron Speed Designer does not show an error message, "Unknown server type" or "cannot be refreshed because the table name has special characters or the table cannot be found in the database."

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