Iron Speed Designer V10.0.1 Release Notes

Issue Description
91733 Switching to a new theme properly replaces theme folder.
91757 MySQL dll is properly referenced and exception does not happen.
91843 Improved performance and robustness, eliminated Out Of Memory problem.
91844 Application can be created if the database has tables or views with extensive long names.
91846 Fixed generated code to avoid error, "Filter has a SelectedValue which is invalid because it does not exist in the list of terms. Parameter name: value".
91853 Live preview does not complain to ambiguous Services declaration.
91857 It is possible to create .NET 4.0 applications in 4.5 framework.
91858 Active directory groups appear in the Properties dialog.
91885 DataSource for aspx dropdown list is editable now.
91887 Allow usage of single or double quotes as well as commas in table's column names.
91903 Databind method for the child control will only be called once to initialize the data.
91904 Jquery javascript file now is embeded in the application to allow the application to run on intranet or https secured environment.
91906 Our javascript code for pop-up iframe does not interfere with customer's iframes.
91908 If you drag and drop panel controls and deselect fields on Configure Wizard, Iron Speed Designer will create proper binding and will not create code for the removed fields.

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