Iron Speed Designer V10 Release Notes

Issue Description
90209 Security wizard / database roles could be retrieved for all types of databases.
90641 The redirect URL on the chart now is URL encoded.
90731 CreateWhereClause method will return correct value when where clause is removed from the query wizard.
90788 Large List Selector is replaced with advanced Quick Selector Control.
91057 Added overloaded function for building MySQL parameters used when calling custom MySQL stored procedures.
91058 Fixed a compilation error caused by deleting EmailLinkButton from SignIn page.
91060 Record page has the same restricted width on Chrome as on other browsers.
91061 No compilation error for Large List selector after migration.
91068 Span tags are not inserted inside href when application is migrated.
91086 When you select to regenerate stored procedures, Iron Speed Designer shows property text message on the dialog.
91099 Export to Excel handles quotes properly.
91112 Formula for data bound control will be reset correctly.
91146 Fixed an incorrect open and close tags on Header file.
91234 After launching Iron Speed Designer, if the first selected control is a chart, the formula tab will show a text box for editing the formula.
91243 Default SharePoint page does not throw exception.
91251 The documentation in Part VIII has been updated to explain the problem.
91259 Removed an unnecessary argument out of range exception when paging through Oracle data.
91266 Security for non-admin user with multiple groups scenario works fine.
91276 This is correct behavior because command name is changed.
91357 Hello and user name is divided by space. Now, resource file takes care of the spacing.
91367 Visible property for the literal controls present inside Gallery repeater section will work.
91415 "Rebuild All" an application after migration to V10.0 to fix this problem.
91452 Dragging and dropping label control from repeater to header section will render the label text correctly on runtime.
91565 Iron Speed Designer will not try to write / delete ProjectTemplate files after application is created.
91705 The code customization example has been updated for the latest source code.
91778 Filter properly works on Detail panel with Aggregate controls.
91803 GetColumnValues work for DFKA columns.

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