Announcing New
Iron Speed Designer Version 7.1 Features!

Framework and IDE Support

Framework and IDE Support

Visual Studio 2010 support. We continue our support for Microsoft's latest release of Visual Studio, including .NET Framework 4.0 applications.
SharePoint 2010 application building. Create Microsoft SharePoint 2010 applications straight from your database, just like other .NET applications. Applications run inside and are fully integrated with SharePoint. (Enterprise Edition feature.)

Upgrading to Iron Speed Designer Version 7.1

Applications created with earlier versions of Iron Speed Designer will be converted automatically to Version 7.1 with these caveats:

Iron Speed Designer's Migration Wizard will migrate many of your code customizations. However, code customizations written for Versions 1.X, 2.X and 3.X require migration by hand.
The Version 7.1 code customization model is the same as Version 4.0 and later. No code customization changes are required for applications built in Versions 4.X, 5.X, 6.X and V7.X.

Please see Application Migration for instructions on how to migrate applications created with earlier versions of Iron Speed Designer.

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