Announcing New
Iron Speed Designer Version 6.0 Features!

New Workflow Page Types

Emailable table and record pages enhance workflow processes. Send HTML email notifications at key points in your business process with a simple button click. Alert users of pending tasks and important status changes. (Enterprise Edition feature.)
Printable table and record pages. These pages are ready to print. Their clean design omits menus and other controls that clutter up printing. (Professional and Enterprise Edition feature.)

New Data Entry and Display Page Types

Multi-column record panels. Automatically generate two- and three-column record panels. Then, use the new Quick Layout spreadsheet to fine tune the layout — without writing any HTML!
Search and Show Table pages. Users select filter and search criteria and then click 'Go' to see the results. Works great with multi-select filters. (Professional and Enterprise Edition feature.)
Record inside Table pages. Show individual parent and child records in a consolidated table format. Three different layouts — record in column, record in same row, and record in separate row — let you allocate screen real estate for individual pages. Great for displaying multiple child table fields. (Enterprise Edition feature.)
Table - Table pages. Display related tables side-by-side. Clicking a parent table row displays associated data in the child table. (Enterprise Edition feature.)
Record - Record pages. Display and edit related parent, peer and child records based on one-to-one relationships. (Enterprise Edition feature.)
Table - Record pages. Implement phone directory-style pages. Select a table entry to display the full record in a separate panel. (Enterprise Edition feature.)
Table inside Table page layout options. New display options let you decide where to display inner tables — in a single column, in multiple columns or in a separate expandable row. (Enterprise Edition feature.)
Add, Edit and Show Record page layout options. Display detail (child) table panels either below or beside the parent record panel. New display options help you optimize screen real estate for each page.

Advanced Application Features

Send HTML email notifications. Enhance workflow processes with email alerts of pending tasks and important status changes. Sophisticated substitution variables let you personalize messages. (Enterprise Edition feature.)
Import Excel and Access data directly into your application. The Data Import Wizard imports Microsoft Excel XLS, Microsoft Access MDB, ASCII CSV and Tab delimited files directly into your database. Application users will enjoy the built-in data integration capabilities, freeing your IT group from bothersome support requests. (Enterprise Edition feature.)
Medium trust support for hosted applications. Run your applications without modification on most application hosting providers. Detailed step-by-step instructions in our online help show you how to upload and run your application on these popular hosts: 1&1, CrystalTech, DiscountAsp and GoDaddy.
File download. Open saved files directly in common applications like PDF, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.
File upload saves file name. Save both the file and the file name in separate database fields without any extra code customization.

Improved Configuration and Customization

Streamlined page layout editing. Use the new Quick Layout spreadsheet and Toolbox to configure page sections in just a few clicks — without writing any HTML. Then let Iron Speed Designer generate your customized page.
Automatic layout simplifies panel reconfiguration. Select a new panel configuration with just a few mouse clicks. Watch with delight as your panel and its child panels reposition themselves in seconds.
Preview live pages without leaving Designer. Your application is previewed live in Iron Speed Designer as you make configuration changes, eliminating the need to frequently build and run. Pages display your actual data so there's no guesswork in how they're going to look and perform.
Improved Master-Detail configuration. Include parent, peer and child relationships in master-detail pages. Mix display and editable panels on the same page. You can ven place both table and record panels within the same table.
Improved page layout preservation. The Panel Wizard now updates only the affected panel sections, leaving the others unchanged.
Big tool bar buttons simplify choices. Our updated tool bar is much easier to use with fewer, more straightforward options.

Database Support

Automatically add virtual keys. The Application Wizard suggests possible virtual primary and foreign keys before you generate your application. The new Keys step helps you build more complete page suites from your selected database tables and views, reducing the need to rebuild pages.
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and Oracle 11g support. Run applications on the latest version of Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle in addition to Microsoft Access and MySQL.

Upgrading to Iron Speed Designer Version 6.0

Applications created with earlier versions of Iron Speed Designer will be converted automatically to Version 6.0 with these caveats:
  • Iron Speed Designer's Migration Wizard will migrate many of your code customizations. However, code customizations written for Versions 1.X, 2.X and 3.X require migration by hand.
  • The Version 6.0 code customization model is the same as Version 4.0 and later. No code customization changes are required for applications built in Versions 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 5.0, 5.1 and 5.2.

Please see Application Migration for instructions on how to migrate applications created with earlier versions of Iron Speed Designer.

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