Announcing New
Iron Speed Designer Version 5.2 Features!

New Page Types

Web report pages are ready to print. Great for customer-facing applications, such as single-page reports, dashboards, and other non-editable information display uses. Web report pages are ready to print, allowing application users to quickly share database information with each other and customers. A host of configuration options lets you add, remove and configure filters, column headings, pagination controls - virtually every aspect of the page. (Enterprise Edition feature.)
Search Record pages simplify data lookup. Users select filter and search criteria and then click 'Go' to see the results. Works great with the new multi-select filter feature. (Enterprise Edition feature.)
Select Record pages speed data entry. Select Record pages are ideal for repetitive data entry, review and approval applications. A single button click commits changes to the database and advances the application user to the next record. Detail tables automatically display important subsidiary detail. (Enterprise Edition feature.)
Table-in-table pages organize complex information. Create complex pages that present master-detail relationships in a condensed and easy-to-use format. Application users can quickly view several layers of information on a single page, eliminating the need to open multiple records. (Enterprise Edition feature.)

Advanced Application Features

Tabbed detail panels simplify and organize. Access multiple table panels from one location. The tab control maximizes screen real estate, reducing the amount of vertical scrolling required to view related child tables. Click a tab and the table panel immediately appears. (Enterprise Edition feature.)
Multi-select filtering. Tailor your search with multi-select filter list boxes. Great for 'either/or' situations. (Enterprise Edition feature.)
Ajax-enabled date picker control. Add sophisticated date selection to your applications using Microsoft's Ajax-based calendar control.
Larger Active Directories. Enhanced Application Security Wizard supports larger Active Directories. (Enterprise Edition feature.)

Data Integration

Import data directly into your application. The new Import Wizard imports ASCII CSV data files directly into your database. Application users will enjoy the built-in data integration capabilities, freeing your IT group from bothersome support requests. (Enterprise Edition feature.)

Improved Configuration and Customization

Improved Application Wizard simplifies generation. You'll enjoy how easy it is to select pages and tables on the new Pages step.
Overridable style sheets. Our updated style sheet organization lets you to override Iron Speed Designer's styles in your own separate style sheet file. Future application migrations are simplified since your style sheet file will not be overwritten.
Separate application generation options for each page type. Each page type has its own generation options, giving you maximum control over how each page, table and record panel is generated.
Configurable Expand / Collapse toggle button for table panels. Optionally include or exclude this popular feature.
Improved application generation speed. Application generation time has been reduced by 25% to 50%, depending on your application database and development machine.

Upgrading to Iron Speed Designer Version 5.2

Applications created with earlier versions of Iron Speed Designer will be converted automatically to Version 5.2 with these caveats:
  • Iron Speed Designer's Migration Wizard will migrate many of your code customizations. However, code customizations written for Versions 1.X, 2.X and 3.X require migration by hand.
  • The Version 5.2 code customization model is the same as Version 4.0 and later. No code customization changes are required for applications built in Versions 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 5.0 and 5.1.

Please see Application Migration for instructions on how to migrate applications created with earlier versions of Iron Speed Designer.

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