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Iron Speed Designer Version 4.0 Features!

Third-Party Control Support

Add Infragistics controls to your applications. If you're an Infragistics subscriber, drag and drop selected Infragistics controls from the tool box onto your web pages. Click 'Configure' to hook-up the control and you're good to go! The controls automatically use the look and feel of your application's selected design theme and other properties. (Enterprise Edition feature.)

Control Formats
WebGrid Database-driven
Editable WebGrid Database-driven
WebTab Database-driven
WebMenu Database-driven
WebTree Database-driven

Note: Infragistics NetAdvantage is available separately from Infragistics and is not included with Iron Speed Designer.

Improved Code Customization Model

More visible and customizable code. Page and control classes in the Presentation Layer are easier to understand and modify. Quickly see how your application builds SQL queries, loads data, and initializes UI controls — right in the code. To customize, simply override the appropriate method right in the same code file!

Customize data retrieval. Calling custom stored procedures and loading your own data is a snap.

Customize data validation and storage. Quickly add custom data validation and data storage code.

Customize dropdown lists. Customizing the query and sort order for dropdown lists is straightforward, even for the most complex applications.

Customize filters. Customize the query and sort order for filters with ease.

Native ASPX controls. Generated applications use native ASP.NET controls instead of Iron Speed Designer's "BaseClasses" controls.

Separate UI, Business and Data name spaces. Page classes are generated in the UI name space, the Business name space contains all Record and Table classes, and the Data name space contains classes that connect to your database.

Enhanced Visual Studio compatibility. We've enhanced compatibility of generated applications with Visual Studio .NET. Opening and modifying apps in Visual Studio is easier than ever.

Generated Application Enhancements

Multi-select in table panels. Select multiple records for deletion and other operations.

Easily add AJAX code customizations to generated applications. Your applications are automatically AJAX enabled and include AJAX support for both .NET Framework 1.1 and .NET Framework 2.0. (Enterprise Edition feature.)

No page scrolling when adding or editing table rows. The page scrolling caused by the postback when adding or editing table rows has been eliminated. Click 'Add' to add a new row and see the row appear immediately without having to scroll down the page. (Enterprise Edition feature.)

Client-side date field validation. When possible, dates are validated in the browser client, eliminating a cumbersome postback. And the '/' character is automatically inserted when typing to speed data entry. (Enterprise Edition feature.)

Dropdown list type-ahead. Bring desktop functionality to your web app with dropdown list type-ahead. Type the first letters of your intended selection in any dropdown list box and jump directly to the relevant entries. (Enterprise Edition feature.)

Calendar date pickers for filter controls. Enter filter dates using convenient pop-up calendar date picker controls.

Improved table panel highlighting. Selected rows are highlighted in a different color to differentiate them from the cursor-driven highlight bar. (Enterprise Edition feature.)

Expanded button and menu item click zones. The entire surface area is now clickable in design theme-specific buttons and menu items.


Generated Application Performance Improvements

Reduced View State size speeds page downloading. The View State's size has been reduced by as much as 80%, depending on page type and data content. Smaller View States mean faster page downloads and faster View State parsing. On machines running virus scanners, you'll see a marked improvement since the smaller page size takes less time to scan.

Choose where to store application View State. Page, session, .NET cache, or external file — it's your choice. Control application speed, page size, bandwidth and data persistence. (Enterprise Edition feature.)

Reduced server memory requirements increases scalability. Applications use dramatically less application server memory — 90% less in most cases. This significantly increases the number of simultaneous user sessions an application server can handle.

Smaller ASPX pages. More compact design themes and other improvements trim most page sizes by 35% to 50%, reducing download and virus scanning times.

Internationalization and Localization Features

Generate multi-lingual applications. Display different language translations at run-time based on individual user preferences. Your single generated application can load multiple resource files, allowing it to display different languages for different users. (Enterprise Edition feature.)

Unrestricted database field names. Use any international language character set in database field names. Iron Speed Designer can now generate applications based on databases using international language character sets in their field names.

More complete language translation files. All text strings in ASPX pages, including the sign in and sign out pages, have been moved to the language translation files (resource files), making them easier for you to translate and configure.

Exported CSV files support international character sets. Exporting has been streamlined to handle all international language character sets. And, data column separator characters are now culture-sensitive based on the end-user's local culture settings.

Multiple language translation files for the same language. For certain languages, Iron Speed Designer now includes multiple language translations. Choose the one that's best for you. Or, add your own language translation to the list.

New Application Generation Options

Enable application-level tracing. Trace your application's database query execution, .NET events, and gather application performance statistics.

New data saving options for buttons. When configuring button actions, the new 'save data on table or record' option lets you save data for just the specified table or record, in addition to the existing 'save data on page' option. The new 'save data on table or record' option makes it easy to place multiple 'Save' buttons on a page so application users can selectively update portions of their data.

Faster code generation. Code generation is 33% to 50% faster, saving you even more valuable development time.

Iron Speed Designer Usability Enhancements

Set role-based security for multiple pages at one time. An updated Role-Based Security Wizard configures any or all pages you select in one step.

Non-dbo Microsoft SQL Server table support. Non-dbo table support permits improved access to proprietary databases and vendor-supplied databases. (Enterprise Edition feature.)

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 schema support. Iron Speed Designer recognizes SQL Server 2005 schemas and generates the appropriate query to read or write data from their tables. Please note that Data Access Layer classes generated by Iron Speed Designer use the table name as the class name and must be unique even if the tables are in two different schemas. (Enterprise Edition feature.)

Improved multi-database application support. Add new database servers from anywhere in Iron Speed Designer. (Enterprise Edition feature.)

Wizards display complete list of database tables. The Page Properties dialog, Role-Based Security Wizard and Code Customization Wizard display a complete list of the tables and views in your database. No longer are you limited to just the tables and views already used in application pages.

Custom queries are easier to create and edit. The custom 'named' query feature has been enhanced to use the same query step as the Panel Wizard and Page Properties dialog.

Video demos show you how it's done. Video demos have been integrated into Iron Speed Designer in key locations. Want to see how a feature works? Just click the "Video Demo" button. Note: you must have an Internet connection to watch Iron Speed Designer videos.

Upgrading to Iron Speed Designer Version 4.0

Applications created with earlier versions of Iron Speed Designer will be converted automatically to Version 4.0 with these caveats:
  • Iron Speed Designer's Migration Wizard will migrate many of your code customizations. However, it may identify certain code customizations you'll need to migrate by hand in order to accommodate the updated code model.

Please see Application Migration for instructions on how to migrate applications created with earlier versions of Iron Speed Designer.

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