Announcing New
Iron Speed Designer Version 2.1.3 Features!

New Page Layout Options

  • New panel types. We added five new panel types, including: Information display; Information display with image; Printable record label on side, Printable record label on top; and Printable table. These new panel types provide more options for laying out addresses and product catalog pages as well as formatting for printed output.

  • Large list selector uses design themes. The large list selector component now uses your selected design theme, so it looks just as attractive as the rest of your application.

More Application Customization

  • Over 40 new code customization templates. In total, there are now approximately 100 code customizations in both C# and Visual Basic in Iron Speed Designer's Code Customization Wizard. We scoured the code customization forums and our technical support cases to bring you these "real world" templates.

  • Generate applications in 8 different languages. Iron Speed Designer now generates applications in Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish without further manual translation. Many thanks to members of the Iron Speed Community for contributing these language translation files. Just select your language and go!

  • Updated AcmeOMS sample application. An updated AcmeOMS sample application now sports a second-level menu, alternating rows and a table below a table. Check it out to see what you can do with Iron Speed Designer.

Generated Application Enhancements

  • Enhanced checking for offline databases. Generated applications now check if their database are offline and report appropriate messages to application users. This eliminates many of the "Where's my data?" questions.

  • Configurable virtual directory. A new virtual directory name option in the Application Wizard lets you configure the name and location of your application's virtual directory. Virtual directories no longer need have the same names as your applications.

  • More tracing and debugging options in Web.config. Your application's Web.config file has been augmented with several new options to make debugging your application easier.

Iron Speed Designer Usability Enhancements

  • Simplified button property configuration. An improved Bindings tab streamlines button configuration and binding. Iron Speed Designer does more of the connection work behind the scenes so you don't have to. Selecting button actions and connecting them to tables and records is greatly simplified, as is specifying page redirection parameters.

  • Automatic checking identifies problems. Iron Speed Designer now identifies potential configuration problems on your development machine before running your generated applications. Issues like mis-configured virtual directories, unregistered .NET frameworks and offline databases are called to your attention, making it easier than ever to deploy applications.

  • Automatic .NET framework registration. Iron Speed Designer automatically reviews your system's .NET framework registration to make sure both it and IIS are properly configured to run your generated application. If it detects any problems, Iron Speed Designer will properly register your .NET framework with IIS before running your generated application.

  • Improved composite primary key and composite foreign key configuration. The Properties section of the Databases folder now displays composite primary keys and composite foreign keys, making it easier to review and configure them.

  • Expand All / Collapse All in Design tab's visual editor. Quickly expand and collapse all panels on a page for easier drag and drop movement.

  • Improved field manipulation in panel wizards. Move multiple fields as a group in the Record Panel Wizard and the Table Panel Wizard.

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