Announcing New
Iron Speed Designer Version 2.1 Features!

Easier Page Customization

  • New Visual Page Editor. Our new page editor makes customizing pages easy. Quickly drag and drop new panels and components onto your page from a convenient toolbox. No more HTML customization!

  • New Table Panel Wizard. Use the new Table Panel Wizard to add table panels (data grids) to your web pages in the new page editor. Add any number of panels in any placement you desire.

  • New Record Panel Wizard. Use the new Record Panel Wizard to add record panels to your web pages in the new Page editor.

  • Unconstrained panel placement. Tables and panels no longer need to be 'nested' within their pages to establish 'parent' relationships. Table and record panels can be placed anywhere on the page and connected via the Query step in the new Table Panel and Record Panel Wizards.

  • Integrated HTML Snippet Editor. A built-in HTML 'snippet' editor localizes HTML changes so you don't get lost. Click on the component you wish to edit, and the HTML snippet editor shows you the related HTML without leaving the visual editor. Make localized changes without getting lost in an entire HTML page.

  • Multi-level undo and redo. Make a mistake? Just click 'undo', no matter how extensive the change.

  • Easier table joining. Use the Query step in the new Table Panel Wizard and Record Panel Wizard to quickly join multiple tables. No more worrying about nested code generation tags.

  • Easier master-detail configuration. Quickly select detail tables to appear in the Table Panel Wizard. Or, just drag a detail table from the toolbox onto the page and place it anywhere you want.

  • Greater control over buttons in tables. The new Table Panel Wizard lets you select which buttons appear in table panels — New, Edit, Delete, and Export.

  • Boldface, italicize, and underline fields and labels. Just select the components you want to customize and click the desired formatting command to add the appropriate HTML font and alignment tags.

  • Streamlined Application Wizard. A simplified Application Wizard (formerly Application Builder) has fewer steps, making application creation faster.

  • Streamlined Application Explorer. The Application Explorer tree is simpler and faster, making it easier to navigate than ever before.

Enhanced Design Themes

  • Over 20 new design themes. We've added over 20 new design themes, significantly broadening the diversity of page styles you can use in your applications. (Approximately 12 design themes will be available in Professional Edition.)

  • Improved page layouts. We've updated all of the design themes to be easier to navigate and use when you add multiple table and record panels to a page.

  • Easily create and customize design themes. Our simplified design theme file structure makes it easy to create your own design themes. Just copy an existing design theme into a new directory, click 'Refresh', and Iron Speed Designer immediately recognizes the new design theme. You can customize from there. Most modifications can be made directly to the design theme's cascading style sheet (CSS).

  • Design theme switching on customized pages. You can switch design themes even after you've customized a web page. Your customized layout is preserved.

  • Full Arabic & Hebrew language right-to-left support. All design themes now support Arabic / Hebrew language right-to-left display formatting in addition to traditional left-to-right display formatting.

  • New master-detail and address panel types. A variety of new panel types are included, in addition to Iron Speed Designer's traditional table, record, and menu panels.

  • Extensible HTML panels and components. Add your own HTML panels and components (with or without code generation tags) to your design theme. Click 'refresh' and they immediately appear in the visual page editor's toolbox, ready to be placed onto your web pages.

Database Support

  • Oracle database support. Build applications for Oracle 9i and 10g databases in addition to Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access. Enjoy full foreign key support, including 'display foreign key as'. Enterprise Edition includes virtual foreign key and virtual primary key support as well the ability to use Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access within the same application.

Easier Code Customization

  • Code Customization Wizard streamlines code extensions. All of our coding examples are now built into a convenient wizard, making them easier to browse, select and apply. The wizard prompts you for parameter values and automatically inserts the code into the correct page class or data access layer class file, eliminating the need to figure out where to make code extensions!

  • Leverage your code customizations across applications. Our new Code Customization Wizard is fully extensible, so you can add your own code customizations and reuse them in multiple applications. Just drop your favorite code customization into the customization directory, click 'Refresh', and it's ready to use with the Code Customization Wizard.

  • Find and replace in code editor. The code editor's new Find and Replace feature makes code maintenance a snap from within Iron Speed Designer.

  • Line numbers in code editor. Line numbers in the code editor make it easy to coordinate between compiler output and the code editor.

  • Detailed customization comments in generated code. We've added more complete and explicit code customization details right in the generated code. Simply 'uncomment' the sections you want to use.

  • Simplified directory structure. The separate, and sometimes confusing, Source directory has been eliminated in favor of placing layout files in the same folders with their generated ASPX and code-behind files.

Generated Application Enhancements

  • Multi-table data editing. Editable named queries let you add and edit data spanning multiple joined records in a single transaction.

  • Record pages have navigation menus. Application Wizard now adds navigation menus to record pages, making your applications easier to use.

  • Multiple menus in a page. Add any number of vertical and horizontal menus to your Web pages and configure them with our new Menu Wizard. Now it's easy to support both top page and side page navigation, and many design themes come with both vertical and horizontal menus.

  • New filter formats. Place filters above tables or within the table column headings.

Iron Speed Designer Usability

  • Deployment Wizard speeds your app into production. Generate an MSI installer for your application, simplifying the process of moving your application from your development environment into your production environment. (Enterprise Edition feature. Requires Visual Studio .NET.)

  • More tree right-click menus. You'll find right-click menus almost everywhere in Iron Speed Designer, making it easy to see available options.

  • Improved menu and field labeling algorithms. These subtle improvements means there's less application clean-up required to create great looking, understandable apps.

  • View more file types in Application Explorer. Now see your application's images, style sheets, and other project files in addition to layout pages and generated code files.

Upgrading to Iron Speed Designer Version 2.1

  • Iron Speed Designer Version 2.1 will be installed in a separate directory from previous versions. Version 2.1 can be run independently of previous versions of Iron Speed Designer.

  • Version 2.1 requires a new license key. You'll automatically receive the license key if you purchased your license within 90 days of release of Version 2.1 or if you have a current maintenance agreement. To purchase an annual maintenance agreement, just visit the Iron Speed store or call us at 1-650-215-2220. Visit the My Account page of the Iron Speed Technical Support System to retrieve your new license key. Your Iron Speed Designer Version 1.6, 1.7, and V2.0 keys will not work with Version 2.1.

Upgrading Applications to Version 2.1

  • Standard, unmodified, Add Record, Edit Record, Show Record, Edit Table and Show Table pages will be converted automatically to the new V2.1 design theme format. Iron Speed Designer Version 2.1 may require you to modify certain customized web pages you may have created with earlier versions of Iron Speed Designer.

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