Announcing New
Iron Speed Designer Version 1.7 Features!

New features in Iron Speed Designer V1.7

  • Up to 3X* faster code generation. Faster code generation helps you build faster, customize faster.

  • Faster page generation. We've reduced the amount time that Application Builder takes to generate pages from your selected database tables - as much as 2X* faster.

  • Faster page preview. Previewing pages in Application Builder and Application Explorer is almost twice as fast.

  • Easier field value initialization. Page preview has an additional “Initial Value” right-click menu item to directly access Page Properties “Initial Value” tab.

  • Incremental re-building. Application file generation is more efficient, requiring fewer files to be regenerated.

New features in generated applications in V1.7

  • Application filtering is faster. We’ve greatly improved the time required to filter Show Table pages in most cases.

  • New dropdown list filter option. A new “Populate filter with” option in the Properties dialog gives you fine-grained control on whether to populate dropdown filters with data from a lookup table or from actual values in the database.

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