Announcing New
Iron Speed Designer Version 1.6 Features!

New Features in Version 1.6.5

  • Right-click menus in page preview. Right-click menus in page preview screens in the Application Builder and Application Explorer help you go directly to the Properties dialog tab.

  • Customizable field-by-field display format property. A new "Display Format" option in the Properties dialog gives you fine-grained control for each FieldValue component on your page. This overrides the global display format for the underlying database field on a control-by-control basis.

  • Visible property. A new “Visible” display option in the Properties dialog makes individual fields visible or invisible. Invisible fields work identically to visible fields; you just can’t see them.

New Features in Generated Applications in V1.6.5

  • Label and Literal fields can save data. A new “Save Data” option available in the Properties dialog enables FieldValue tags with the Label and Literal display styles to save their data. This means you can use the Set Initial Value To options with “display only” fields, such as audit trail fields.

  • Date selector control can be disabled. A new Properties dialog option allows you to disable the date picker control.

  • HTML, Literal, and Text fields can use resource file strings. A new “use resource key” Properties dialog option has been added for HTML, Literal and Text fields, making it easier to localize your applications without changing the applications or application properties.

New Features in V1.6.4

  • Faster application generation for large applications and faster page preview.

New Features in V1.6.3

  • Several bug fixes from previous versions.

  • Improved custom function documentation. The online help about custom functions called within WHERE clauses and the Set Initial Value To properties have been enhanced.

New Features in V1.6.2

  • Updated Iron Speed Designer and Sample Applications Installer.

New Features in V1.6.0

  • Over 25 New Features and a New Windows-based Architecture.

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