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Iron Speed Designer Version 1.5 Features!

Version 1.5a to 1.5m Changes

  • Improved Installation Program. Improved installation program handling of missing system components.

  • Other Changes. Version 1.5g (12/1/2003) corrects the Relink function and provides the update for the IE patch Q824145.

Version 1.5

  • Migration from 1.4/1.4.1/1.4.2/1.4.3
    If you have been using Iron Speed Designer 1.4.x, in order to use internationalization/localization you will need to add the fileEncoding attribute to your <globalization> tag in your c:\Program Files\Iron Speed Designer\Designer directory as follows: <globalization fileencoding="utf-8" requestencoding="utf-8" responseencoding="utf-8" />

  • Localization (Internationalization). Applications generated by Iron Speed Designer are now easily localized to your specific language, currency and date formats. Everything from the page encoding to validation messages can be modified. Everyone will appreciate the ability to customize data validation and error message text in any language.

  • Enhanced Automatic Layout Page Creation. A variety of new configuration options customize automatic layout page creation when linking database tables.

  • Code Generation Speed. Generating large applications is now much faster -- up to 10 times faster on applications with more than 200 database tables and 800 layout pages.

  • Improved Usability. We've made over 24 individual improvements to make Iron Speed Designer easier to use. The online help has been improved with more links throughout. There are even links directly to specific training webcasts.

  • New Coding Examples. Eight new coding examples show you how to do everything from implementing Windows Authentication single sign-on, to integrating Crystal Reports with your generated application, to calling your own database stored procedures.

  • Initial Sort Order for Tables. You can now set the initial sort order for tables.

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