George Elder
Adonai Software
[email protected]
Peyton, CO USA

MVP since December 13, 2010

Service Offerings

Adonai Software has an excellent reputation for business application development. When it comes to your business needs, we take pride in delivery of the product on time and within your budget guidelines.

We understand the special needs of government entities such as Emergency Services, which include Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS). We cater to government agencies which need our special touch. Most Emergency Services require 24/7 support and understanding. We are here to provide that vital service.

George is available to help you in the following areas:

Business Analysis

Database Design

QuickBooks Integration

Database Management

Web Presence

Web Application Design

Systems Architecture

Web Hosting

Rapid Application Development (RAD)

Systems Management

Conceptual Development and Design

Logical Development and Design


George Elder holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Behavior Science and a post-graduate degree in Information Systems.

George has been an Iron Speed Designer developer for five years. He has an extensive technical background with technical certifications from law-enforcement and the military in the areas of cyber-terrorism, computer forensics, investigation and aviation technology. He has experience with VB.NET, C#, HTML, Java, Enterprise JavaBeans, Java Script, VBScript, SQL, QuickBooks, C++, and CCS.

George Elder is currently President/CEO of Adonai Software.


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