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Customize Exported File Column Headings

This customization shows how to count distinct values in a table column.
Export Button
Select the export button
Table Name
Select a database table
Applies to
P_Export Button class
/// Override the ${Export Button}_Click and customize the 
/// export button functionality
/// Also if the export button is Image button then, second parameter type is ImageClickEventArgs.
/// If the button is of "Button" type then modify the parameter type to EventArgs.
public override void ${Export Button}_Click(object sender, ImageClickEventArgs args)
	try {
	        WhereClause wc = CreateWhereClause();
            OrderBy orderBy = null;
            orderBy = CreateOrderBy();
			// Add each of the columns in order of export.
			// Replace "Column1, Column2 and so on" with the actual column names which you want to export to CSV file.
			// For example :
			// BaseColumn[] columns = new BaseColumn[] {
			//	Order_DetailsTable.OrderID,
			//	Order_DetailsTable.ProductID,
			//	Order_DetailsTable.UnitPrice,
			//	Order_DetailsTable.Quantity,
			//	Order_DetailsTable.Discount,
			//	null};
            BaseColumn[] columns = new BaseColumn[] {
				${Table Name}Table.Column1,
				${Table Name}Table.Column2,
				${Table Name}Table.Column3,
				${Table Name}Table.Column4,
				${Table Name}Table.Column5,
            // If you do not want Iron Speed Designer generated column hadings then, list the column headings of your choice here. 
            // The column headings provided in displayColumn will be displayed in exported CSV file instead of Iron Speed Designer generated columns headings.
            // Note that even if you are changing one column's heanding, you need to provide all the columns' heanding as a comma separated list. 
            string displayColumn = "Order Id, Product code, Unit Price, Qunatity, Discount";
            ExportData rep = new ExportData(${Table Name}Table.Instance, wc, orderBy, columns, displayColumn);
        } catch (Exception ex) {
            this.Page.ErrorOnPage = true;
            BaseClasses.Utils.MiscUtils.RegisterJScriptAlert(this, "BUTTON_CLICK_MESSAGE", ex.Message);
        } finally {

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